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Lawmakers Supporting the Republican plan on Debt Limit should be Ashamed

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

COMMENT and OPINION of the Editor of   'Obama in the White House blog'

  I am quite disillusioned when it comes to what has happened with yesterdays vote, and with the partisan  politics in Washington. The good thing about yesterdays vote is that the debt ceiling has now been raised so the country could continue to function, but at the same time, the U.S.Government will now continue to borrow money when they do not have the ability to pay it back. Only the U.S. Government can borrow money that they cannot pay back, as citizens like you and me cannot.  So how much money has this Republican driven bill saved the country by passing this no less than ridiculous bill. The conservatives may argue and say that they have saved the country billions of dollars and yes, they may be right. But what they have done was accomplished at the expense of the less than rich, and the rich will feel no effect or at least the effects the middle class will feel. How does saving billions of dollars have any effect on the debt when the country owes trillions to countries around the world? The country will continue to borrow more than it pays back. We have now become hostage to a crisis that shows no end in site, and the deficit will continue to rise another couple of trillion dollars in the next few years. The lawmakers will continue to approve borrowing more money that they cannot pay back? How can this happen? One thing is for sure, only the politicians in Washington D.C. USA could ever pull such a stunt off, yet we continue to put these politicians in office, even after they continue to create havoc in government and punish the people who put them in office. Where is the savings? I sure will not see it. But others will see the cuts, cuts from their paychecks in the form of lost jobs. Again, the mastermind conservatives figured out how to get it done, but as long as it didn't hurt them and as long as the rich felt no more new taxes. This is the one bill that President Obama was hesitant to sign, but he knew he did not have a choice because the country was now facing default on it's financial responsibilities. Was he going to veto a bill on the very last day before default? Of course not. The U.S. credit rating has surprisingly not taken a hit, but the United States has been put on notice. If the U.S. cannot keep a bi-partisan agreement regarding future handling of the debt ceiling and show better handling if the national debt, then the United States will take a hit in the credit rating in the future. This reduced rating will be pushed down to the people, and this would grant me higher interest rates and higher cost in necessary products. Just a simple increase in interest rates for the middle and lower class people would spark another recession. This is how fragile we are regarding the national debt, and again, it is amazing that the United States continues to borrow more than it can pay back. At least to this point, the United States has not shown any ability to do what is right for the people. Thank you to all the Democrats and Republicans that truly supported and voted for this ridiculous bill!!!  This is just more proof that the Congressional leaders in Washington cannot work together and that the Democratic Process that is supposed to be put in place is actually hurting this country, instead of protecting it!


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