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House Passes debt deal today - Vote 269 to 161 - Senate Votes Tomorrow

Monday, August 1, 2011

The House passed a debt a deal today with a vote of 269 to 161. That's the verdict for today.but  66 Republicans 95 Democrats voted against the bill. The whole process has been a mess. The Congressional leaders turned the issue of the national debt ceiling into almost catastrophic consequences if the country goes into default tomorrow.
The debt compromise is not perfect. The bill represents no new taxes. But if the Senate passes the bill tomorrow and hands it over to the President to sign, there will be at least two years before the country will have to re-focus on the issue once again. It should have never taken as long as it did to come to a compromise. But most likely the Senate will sign it, and as Senator Jeff Sessions, Republican of Alabama says he will not vote for the debt deal.
People from both sides of the isle, Democrats and Republicans have nothing better to do than to blame the President for what has happened. It is hard for me to understand their thinking. The President was determined to allow Congress to come up with a bill to pass, and they still haven't done so, with just one more day for the Democratically controlled Senate to pass the bill. There is a chance that the majority of the House will think like Jeff Sessions. Then all bets will be off. Then we may see what the President is made of. If the Washington lawmakers are so determined to vote along party lines instead of what is best for the people, then President Obama will show his true colors and do what it takes to keep the government going. The United States will not go into default. The U.S. has always paid its bills and always will. Many people may be talking about President Obama now, but after the vote if it fails will now take control and use his Executive Power to make his own extension. But no matter what he does, people believe what he hasn't done to this point and what he may be about to do will warrant his impeachment. If the bill passes, within the next two years, the debt will rise another $3 trillion dollars to $17 trillion up to $20 trillion after 10 years if the trend continues.
The Republicans believe that taxes must be cut, not raised, but they have not offered an alternative other than say that to cut spending is the answer. They claim that the debt and the deficit is the problem, but they cannot and will not ever provide a solution. The actions of the last President, George W. Bush is proof of what the Republican party can and will do.
President Obama is now facing fierce criticism from his base, and his Republican challengers for the White House are now setting back watching the President take the criticism. President Obama may not win re-election for what he has done or refused to do, but let's just see how the next President handles all the issues of the country, especially if the next President happens to be a Republican president.


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