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Michelle Bachmann Continues to Criticize the President - calls him a possible 'dictator'

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How long can you ignore the ignorance of a political candidate that originally voted against raising the debt ceiling, even if you knew that it had to be raised so that the government could continue to run. If she became president, would she use her own money to pay for the U.S. debt if she never planned to support a debt limit increase? To be honest, I don't like the idea of the country continuing to borrow money that they haven't figured out how to pay back, but that does not validate the idea that nothing should be done, and just think that the problem will cure itself. President Obama may have had little option if the stalemated U.S. Congress did not vote for a debt limit increase, but to  use the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution as justification to raise the debt ceiling himself as a last measure.
Still, Michelle Bachmann lashes out at President Obama, calling him a 'dictator' if he uses the 14th amendment. How can you understand such reasoning. Michelle Bachmann would rather ignore the power of the Constitution, and would rather shut down the government, and would personally allow the 1st U.S. default in modern time.
Michelle Bachmann claims that the president "would be making the spending decision.. Clearly that's unconstitutional." So what is so unconstitutional about it since the 14th amendment to the Constitution claims that the President has that power.
She also claims that "What President Obama has failed to do is properly understand the issues. On every measure his president has failed." She appears to be so far to the right, that even members of her own Republican party seem to be moving away from supporting her.
Presently, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are way ahead in the Republican polls, and both contenders for the Republican nomination continue to distance themselves from her.
At one time, I originally thought that Michelle Bachmann would have been a viable candidate for the Republican party. I can no longer believe that she has the ability to come back, and I will outwardly state at this time that she will be the next candidate to drop out of the race.
She is a criticizer of her opponents, or should I say maybe she is not. Instead of criticizing others to run against her in her own party, she has been concentrating on criticism of President Obama. At the present time, her timing is way off. If she was close to gain the nomination to run against President Obama, then maybe she should then concentrate on him. But instead of concentrating on her own issues that would help her gain the nomination, she continues to criticize.
Michelle Bachmann, it is unfortunate for your party that you apparently do not know how to even run on the Republican ticket. Just because you won Iowa in the straw poll a few weeks ago, how much money would you like to bet that you WILL NOT WIN IOWA when it actually counts in a few months. Also notice that your Republican opponents will have no problem criticizing you in the future, or maybe they may think that talking about you is just not worth it.


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