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Should Rush Limbaugh Run for President?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just like his fellow Republicans, Rush Limbaugh seems to want to talk about things he shouldn't be concerned about, and recently he decided to talk about Michelle Obama and criticize her eating habits. Is this what the conservative listeners of his following need to listen too? It is a no-brainer that his main topic of conversation when he gets back to work on his talk show on Monday will be centered around the attack on Libya. It is also a no brainer that he will criticize President Obama's actions again. He will accuse President Obama of starting another war. But he most likely would tell you that it was OK for President Bush to start too wars, and he most likely will put the blame for the continued wars squarely in the lap of President Obama.
You would think that he would focus his talks on President Obama and his policies, but he seems to have drifted away from his main game and now attack Michelle Obama. What you won't hear him talk about is how wrong he was as he stated in the past that President Obama was a 'weak' President, and how he believed that the President could not make difficult decisions. This was the belief of the entire Republican party, claiming that President Obama was a weak person, not capable of making difficult decisions.
It is also a no brainer that President Obama did not want to initiate war actions against another country, but it is clear that President Obama and the coalition forces would not further stand by and watch Gadhafi attack and kill his own citizens. The attacks on the military installations to help balance the level of power between Gadhafi and the militants that oppose him will be more even because of the enforced no fly zone in the north. The attacks may even convince the dictator Gadhafi to give up his power and leave the country.
Will Rush Limbaugh talk about the details on why President Obama decided to strike Libya? I highly doubt it, because in his mind, that story is too boring, and further discussion against President Obama is much more interesting to him.
I must admit that I don't waste my time listening to his show, although I caught myself in the past listening to the Rush Limbaugh show and listen to his fanatical rants against Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. Only in this country can he talk so negatively against the President, just like I have the right to write this blog and talk about what I choose to talk about.
Return to read updates on this topic as I plan to listen to the Rush Limbaugh show on Monday and Tuesday to see how deep he will go to show his dissatisfaction for President Obama. In the past, he hasn't directly threatened President Obama, but he has wished that he did not succeed as President.
Now is this someone you would really like to have as your President ?


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