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U.S. and Collation Forces Attack Libya

Saturday, March 19, 2011

As reported on and CNN, in a mission named "Odyssey Dawn", a collation of American and European forced bombed Libyan targets by air and sea today in the first phase of a military campaign to drive Moammar Gadhafi from power. The Western coalition included the U.S., Britain, France, Canada and Italy. The U.S. launched Tomahawk missiles from two destroyers — USS Barry and USS Stout — and three submarines — USS Providence, USS Scranton and USS Florida. One British sub, the Westminster, also launched missiles. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper suggested that outside powers hoped their intervention would be enough to turn the tide against Gadhafi and allow Libyans to force him out.

"It is our belief that if Mr. Gadhafi loses the capacity to enforce his will through vastly superior armed forces, he simply will not be able to sustain his grip on the country." This was the statement by he Canadian Prime Minister.

In as what is being considered "murder against his own people", was the reason why Coalition forces attacked Gadhafi's strongholds. "What we are doing is necessary, it is legal and it is right" claims Prime Minister David Cameron.

These actions are what is considered phase 1 of a multiphase operation. After the major ground positions have been softened, the next step will be to enforce a "no fly zone" with U.S. warplanes.

With all that is happening around him, Gadhafi said early on Sunday that the U.N. charter provides for Libya's right to defend itself in a "war zone."  He also said "All you people of the Islamic nations and Africa, and Latin America and Asia, stand with the Libyan people in its fight against this agression," Gadhafi said. As expected, the Libyan government spokesmans claims that the air attacks on several locations in Tripoli and Misrata have caused "real harm" to civilians.
But the facts show that Gadhafi has failed to adhere to a United Nations resolution that imposed the no-fly zone and ordered him to stop attacks on civilians.

Shortly after the inital attack, President Obama informed the American people of the efforts by a "broad coalition." "The use of force is not our first choice," the president said from Brasilia, Brazil. "It is not a choice I make lightly. But we cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his own people that there will be no mercy."

The attack comprised of more than 110 Tomahawk missles fired from American and British ships and submarines. At leaset 20 Libyan air and missle defense targets in western portions of the country were targets. Cruise missles, which fly close to the ground or sea at about 550 miles per hour, landed near Misrata and Tripoli, the capital and Gadhafi's stronghold.

In a note to Obama, Gadhafi defended his actions. He said his opponents are from al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, the group's North African wing, and asked Obama what he would do if such an armed movement controlled American cities. "Tell me, how would you behave so I could follow your example?"

Even if what Gadhafi says is true, it is a 'day late and a dollar short'. If he needed to convince that the rebels were bad people and part of al Qaeda, he needed to prove this prior to the assult. Now, the coalation forces will not back down until he is out of power.


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