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GOP House Plans to Cut Funds from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Center

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Opinion of the Editor 'James' Obama in the White House Blog....

When you think of all the devestation that has happened in Japan only a week ago, it is hard to stomach that the GOP House of Representatives plant to trim the 2011 budget that will take $454 million away from the agency running the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. Before the Tsunami occurred, maybe many would have thought it was a good idea. But obviously, now with the devestation of Japan, it is not a good idea. Just one week ago amid the waves that rolled into Japan, the same agency alerted the nation to a potentially deadly wave that was felt in Hawaii and California after the Tsunami hit Japan. The Republicans seem set beyond any reasonable means to trim the 2011 federal budget, and they do not care on who is affected by it. The Republicans are in a belief that the parent agency - the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has some fat to trim. The thought that these Republicans would think that they will get away from trimming ANY amount of money from this organization is absolutely ludicris. With decisions like that, it goes to show everyone how desperite they are to regain power in this country.
On another note, it always seems that the Democrats always want to spend money, when the Republicans always want to cut spending. While spending has been heightened during the Obama administration, manybe the Republicans need to admit to the real reason why the Democrats spend money. They know the answer as well as do the Democrats. In a nut shell, there have been Republican Administrations who failed the country by doing 'nothing'. It seemed to always be about balancing the budget. In a perfect world, that could be done, but with the economy that way it was given to President Obama, he didn't have much choice than to initiate spending to help the country. Now an interesting fact....
The last time the budget was balanced, it was just prior to George W. Bush, when Bill Clinton was President. It was during the Bush administration, that the budget deficit started to grow. President George W. Bush grew on the country like a cancer, as he did 'nothing' as president to help the economy of this country. Now the same people that supported him, the Republicans that supported him then are now in favor of cutting spending for the agency running the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.
  Now in their defense, the Republicans did not know the Tsunami was going to hit Japan. Noone realized how it would effect such an industrialized country like Japan if it were to hit. But it is just the thought that the Republicans are going out of their way to devise means to cut money from the budget when they obviously do not know what the heck they are doing. These are the same people that dictate laws that you and I must follow, and the same people with the fat paychecks and great insurance, it is the same people who do not have to worry about surviving in todays economy. Is there a bill out there that they want to pass that would cut their salaries? I hardly think so. My wish is that the present House of Representitives led by the Republicans come to their senses and realize that their days of no spending are at an end, and just like we have to put up with the cost of 2 wars initiated by President Bush, the people of this country must now accept the costs of putting back together a country that was destroyed by a prior administration.


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