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President Reflects on the Past - displays His Intentions with the new House

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The day after mid-term elections, President Obama came out to speak about "a shellacking", and to answer questions to the press. He now shows an outward willingness to at least come half way on tax cut and energy issues. He has also admitted that he has a more distant connection with the public then he would like to acknowledge. But the votes by the people do not lie. Many people disagree with his policies and the direction that he is taking the nation.
But right from the beginning, President Obama said it would not be easy. He re-iterated in the meeting with the press that he had no choice than to spend money to deploy his solution to the economy, jobs, and health care issues. He also stated that he inherited the problems he is facing from the prior administration and that he was fully aware that many people in Congress that supported him would have a very difficult time with keeping their jobs in the mid-term election. President Obama believes that this could not be helped, especially if he were to practice his principles. Still, the major majority of Democrats that received their walking papers today did what they believed was best for their country and still support President Obama.
For the next two years, the Democratic President Obama will have to at least come half way with the Republican House, and will most likely go along with what the Congress wants as long it would not be against his principles. He admits that he has to play a different game now, and that if anything were to get passed now, most likely he would have to agree with the House.
As far as the minority of the House, the Democrats will most likely disagree with most things the majority in the House does support. But the Republicans, namely the Speaker of the House, will now decide what gets voted on in that chamber, and hopefully will pick issues to deal with that affect the American people as a whole, not just benefit their party. Asked to reflect on the returns, he said, "I feel bad," adding that many Democrats who went down to defeat had done so knowing they risked their careers to support his agenda of economic stimulus legislation and a landmark health care bill. He blamed himself, in part.
The Republicans actually now feel that they are home free, and finally have been vindicated with this mid term win. For the moment, they may be vindicated, just as the Democrats felt vindicated when President Obama was elected President in 2008. In just 2 years from now, it will be interesting to see how much the American people follow and agree to what the Republican House votes on. Their policies may now backfire on them, and the Democrats may once again regain power in the House, especially when President Obama's approval rating may increase with the increased jobs, higher stock exchange, and better health benefits, especially to those people who haven't been able to receive health care in the past because of 'pre-existing' conditions.
When the new Congress convenes, President Obama vows that "my goal is to make sure we don't have a huge spike in taxes for middle class families." He plans to work with both sides of the isle, and do whatever it takes to pass legislation that the country needs.
Immediately below is the response as he sees it regarding the elections, and about his first 2 years serving as President.


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