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President Obama working hard in spite of Approval Rating in Polls

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Almost a year has passed, and President Obama finds himself in a dilemma that other Presidents before him have experienced. He was very popular with the people when he was elected, but as a good President should do, he aimed to tackle the problems of the American people, and for doing so, is now suffering in popularity polls. For the first time since his election, approximately 51% of the American people disagree with the way President Obama is handling issues important to them.
Other Presidents had witnessed the same thing. For example, President Carter picked up the reins of President Nixon, right after the so called WaterGate scandal, and was extremely popular but for a very short time. Have you noticed that it always seems to be a Republican president that stirs up the trouble and a Democratic President elected to solve the mess the prior administration created?!
The majority of the people who object are Republicans or so called conservatives. They are blaming President Obama for the things that he does, and they know very well he is doing these things because of the lack of real leadership the United States had under George Bush. Conservatives are pushing the idea that now this war in Iraq and Afghanistan is Obama's war. The president is working with the  remnants of the past President George Bush and has no choice but to follow things out until the President could decide on how to get out of those countries and bring troops home. President Obama will be known as a war president, but he would like to be known as doing things to help the American people and the world. So far, he hasn't let anyone down. As the Nobel Peace Prize winner, President Obama continues to try to spread the thoughts of peace throughout the world, and is taking some hard steps to put the United States of America back on the global map as a leader in the world. Yes, he cannot back down with the issues in Iraq and Afghanistan, but he is acquiring a clear understanding on how he must successfully do it, and is in no rush to do so. These are President Obama's tactics and he has only had just less than 1 year in office. Another three years to go, and maybe another four. At the end of his 4th year in office in his first term, President Obama's approval rating most likely will be back up, and most definitely up above 50%. The list of his accomplishments by then will far outweigh the objections presented by the Republican party, and President Obama will be re-elected.
I remember one of my first statements on this blog, approximately 6 months before President Obama was elected, was that if Senator Obama did not become President, this blog would no longer exist. Since then, I've written over 400 articles and by the time his first term ends, I've most likely would have written over 1000 articles. If President Obama does not get re-elected in 2012, most likely this blog will not continue, as this blog is centered around him, his presidency and the policies that he creates in office. So far, it's been a long, hard run, in only his first year. No doubt he is one of the smartest Presidents this country has every had, and one of the most qualified to serve in this office, especially in these modern times. He is a real communicator, not trying to steal from the resume of a prior Republican President Ronald Reagan, but with nerves of steel, he continues time and time again to face the American people and Congress in an unprecedented number of times on Prime time TV to prove to the world what kind of leader he is.
To sum this up, at the present moment, President Obama is not on the upswing of a popularity contest, rather instead has decided to take his office seriously and resolve issues at home and throughout the world, hard decisions that a great President would make, knowing full well that these decisions would be sometimes unpopular amongst the American people. But he is not in the office to win a popularity contest, rather than to keep America safe and to guide the government so that great decisions can be made in benefit of the American people. He, like other Presidents will run into some detours from time to time, and people from the other political party will plant land minds under his feet from time to time, but President Obama has the desire and willpower to continue on the course he has set for the American people, and regardless of what the polls say, or what the opposition party says, he will continue to do what he believes is right for the American people. At the end, Americans will benefit for him being in office, not the Iraqis, or the Afghanistans, but the American people. America will again hold their heads high throughout the world and regain their leadership status as the leader of the free world.


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