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Obama's Decision Making - sending Troups to Afghanistan

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Opinion of the Editor of  'Obama in the White House' BLOG

In a recent article by Roland S. Martin who is a CNN political contributor, published an article about President Obama, explaining that President Obama needs to take all the time that he feels that he needs to make correct decisions in sending more troops to Afghanistan. Opponents to how President Obama is handling the troop deployment issue for Afghanistan, namely the conservatives, lead this time by ex-Vice President Dick Cheney, expect President Obama to send more troops on  his gut decision, rather than to reflect on critical analysis. No doubt President Obama is seriously considering the requests of his commander on the ground in Afghanistan, General George McCrystal, but he apparently wants to make the right decisions, not just a gut decision, as is what President Bush did when he sent troops to Iraq instead of sending them to Afghanistan, the known source for Al-Queda and Osama bin Laden. It it true that President Bush initiated the search for Al Queda.
Maybe Ex-Vice President Dick Cheney didn't understand why his own Commander and Chief had to spend all of the American resources in Iraq. Mainly because of a premature gut decision that was made by the former President Bush, a war was started that totally destroyed the infrastructure of Iraq, and now President Bush was obligated to Iraq and the world to rebuild Iraq and get it back to a stable state, without the presence of Al-queda and the terrorists that surrounded their prior dictator Saddam Hussein in 2003. Because President Bush had to manage a takeover of a country and a war to eliminate terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan was pushed aside, and President Bush could no longer concentrate on one of his main reasons for being there in the first place, to rout out terrorists because he believed that Saadam was securing nuclear weapons in Iraq, a fact that now is proved to be totally false. Again, let me state that Bush went prematurely to Iraq to fight a war on pretenses that were proven false. Even President Bush regrets getting into the war in Iraq for false pretenses. His own advisers failed him, including his vice-president Dick Cheney.  So now what gives this ex-vice president the right to state how President Obama needs to handle business in Afghanistan?.
President Obama should be applauded, as he must be doing a few things right? Obama pushes for international peace, as indicated by being a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in less than his first year in office as President of the United States. President Obama didn't start the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but ex-Vice President Dick Cheney along with many other conservatives advising President Bush did.  President Obama is trying to make the correct decisions not to put more of the U.S. troops in harms way.
As stated on Conservative talk shows, this is now Obama's war, but what they don't want to admit is that they started it, now they blame President Obama for the way he is handling it. Lead by an ex-vice president Dick Cheney who seems not to remember that he backed the resolution to put U.S. troops into harms way for a cause that was not substantiated in Iraq. Now he expects President Obama to just send thousands of troops to Afghanistan on a gut decision that just because the Commander on the ground requests it, that it should be automatically done. President Obama retains the title as Command and Chief and it's not for nothing. Ex-Vice President Cheney is just a mere voice from the past who reminds the world what the conservative movement is all about, as if the world could forget.


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