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Preview of Obama 'Big Speech' to Congress and the nation on Wednesday night

Monday, September 7, 2009

In a Nationally televised speech in two days, President Obama will be making his 'Big Speech'. Finally the Congress and the people of the United States will hear first hand from the President the details of his health care plan. Not many details have been mentioned by the President at this point, but with popularity poll numbers dropping because of how people believe he is handling the economy and the deficits, and the need for detail in the plan, President Obama will no undoubtedly give one of his finest speeches ever.
In the first few minutes of the commentary below, Jim Lehrer is interviewing Mark Shields, a syndicated columnist, and David Brooks, a NY Times columnist. Immediately below is almost word for word from the beginning of the interview, discussing the importance of the 'Big Speech' by President Barack Obama on Wednesday night. The viewing audience most likely will break all known previous records of any speech given by any President in modern time in global television history.

Now..... to the Analysis of Shields and Brooks...........

Mark, what are your expectations of the Presidents big speech to the Congress on Wednesday night?

(Mark Shields) I think that it's a big moment Jim, it's not do or die... (Jim Lehrer)It's not do or die?  (Mark)No, the political class of sports writers, "It's third and long, it's the hail mary pass..".. It isn't that. It's a key moment in the health care effort by the President.
 It's key in this sense.. Every President's initial year is his most achieving his domestic achievment, his principle domestic achievement..

(Jim Lehrer) Why?

(Mark) Well I mean for example, Bill Clinton got through his budget and tax increase by one vote in 1993, and he then could stake a claim when the economy improved that it was because of what he had done and dared to do; he owned the economy from that point forward. The same was true with Ronald Reagan. In 1981, when things did turn around after the 1982 elections, he could win re-election saying "I did this"....

This is Barack Obama's test. and he is playing a major card in a speech to the nation and joint sessions of Congress (besides the State of the Union Address). Dwight Eisenhower never gave them. Lyndon Johnson gave two   FDR in 12 years did one in the declaration of war against Japan and Germany. So it is a major moment, and I think he is essencially talking to the Democrats, because they had to come to the conclusion this summer that they are not going to get Republican support from the House. They might get some from the Senate, but I think that he (Obama) must lay out, 'this is what it's for, not just descriptive, but perscriptive. It has to be no inspiration or little inspiration, and allot of persperation. This is what it will be. This is what it will cover, this is how we are going to pay for it.

(Jim Lehrer) Alright.. Allot there...

To David Brooks..

(Jim Lehrer) Do you agree of it's importance.. 

In my column today, I called it his 9th inning moment, so I'm sticking with the analogy. It's important, but it isn't a deal breaker.. I actually disagree with the fact that the first year is the most important.. Franklin Roosevelt did the economy only in the first year, but did social security and some of the stuff in the out years. I think Barack Obama would have been smarter to do that because I think that the anxiety over the economy is draining with health care. Nevertheless it is tremendously important. He will get a health care reform package. I would say that there is at least 95% chance that he will get something. The question will be, is it a small incremental thing or is it what he originally hoped for?! To me, the most interesting part of the speech is, how far will he scale back?!!! He is going to get specific.. They are going to come close to basically writing a bill saying that this is the Presidents bill.. The original plan was to wait for a Senate bill, and a House bill, but the Senate bill is not coming, so here it comes. And so he will hold back a little, but to me the most interesting thing from what I am hearing is that he will get much more specific on the costs, on actually changing incentives, within the system to bring down costs, including some things that John McCain talked about, so of the ideas that the Republicans have talked about..  Things about schools and things like that. So that could offer an invitation to Republicans. I'm not sure that they will take it up, and I hight doubt that they would take it up. Nonetheless, he could be reaching across to allot of independents, by saying that 'Im serious about costs', 'I'm serious about controlling the deficit', and that would broaden the appeal quite a good deal.

A note from the Editor 'James' of  'Obama and the White House' blog...

It is my belief that the seriousness of the speech can not be underestimated. It is and will be his biggest personal test as President as far as strategically showing his strength over the law makers. No doubt it will be one of his most serious and most important speeches of his Presidential career. Some view it as very important, and some people view it as not so important. To me, his success with health care reform can be one of the main reasons, if not the main reason as to why he will gain or loose re-election in 2012. I believe that the economy is showing signs of recovery, and eventually the job markets will start to pick up. The President has publicly stated that he would not rest or consider himself a successful President unless everyone gets back to work, but in the meantime, he wants to make sure that everyone who is without work, can gain immediate health care insurance coverage. Show me another President on this big blue planet of ours who is more anxious and willing to put his career on the line more than Barack Obama.

So be sure to watch a Prime time Wednesday night speech on September 9, 2009 at 8PM (ET), to be carried by the major TV carriers of ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS except for FOX who has elected not to show the Presidents speech. Instead their sister networks, Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network will air the speech 'live' in it's entirety.


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