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Obama and his Signature Bill under Attack by Republicans

Saturday, November 16, 2013

President Obama's signature bill, the Affordable HealthCare Act known as Obamacare, has been under attack by the Republicans since its inception. But it's not just a change in healthcare that the Republicans do not like. It happens to be everything that President Obama represents. In all of my years of living, I don't remember witnessing such an outright hatred for a U.S. President by members of the oposite party.
Yes, it is true that Obamacare has run into a few glitches. Yes, it is true that President Obama may have stated that if you want to keep your insurance, that you can. We all know know that what he said originally was not true. He did not intentionally try to lie to the people, but many argue that he just had to know that many polices that people had were going to be cancelled for the mere fact that they did not meet the minimum standards of Obamacare. The President claims that he is not perfect, and now has publically stated that people who have already had their insurance cancelled can now keep their existing policy for another year. He also met with insurance carriers at the White House in an attempt to get everyone on the same page. A process to re-instate cancelled policies needed to be worked out.
We know that he is paying the price politically. What was not clear was the fact that you could only keep your insurance if the policy that you had, met the minimum standards of Obamacare. Many policies known as 'junk policies' do not provide benefits that are within reason as far as cost and protection, and will never be enough when the policy holder needs to benefit from his policy. 
On Thursday, the President has stated that people will now be able to keep their policies for the next year, even if they do not keep within the basic standards with Obamacare. People who have sub-standard policies can now keep them for a year. The immediate problem that some face is the fact that many of these policies have been cancelled by the insurance companies, because they know that they haven't provided the minimum coverages needed to keep their insurance policies in force. Now the challenge is to get these policies reinstated for another year, but the cost may change. Another requirement by the President is that the insurance companies that re-instate their so called 'junk policies' must show a comparison from their plan verses the Obamacare plan. This is an attempt to show the policy holder what is lacking in their present policy. But what most likely will happen is that the insurance company will no longer issue their 'junk policy' as originally given to the policy holder. Instead, they will up the ante by introducing more benefits, which will make their policies look better than before, but will be at a higher price.
No one said that it would be easy when Obamacare came into force, but many people, namely the representatives in Congress from the right, are doing everything in their power to make sure that Obamacare fails. The president will do everything in his power to keep his signature bill in force. There has been less than 120,000 people that have signed up within the 1st month of the Obamacare offering, but it surely will pick up speed within the next few months. The President has vowed that the website issues that plague Obamacare and has affected President Obama's credibility will be running allot smoother by the end of November.
Meanwhile, Democratic Senators in the House have sided with the Republicans to introduce a bill to modify Obamacare. This certainly will not make it past the President's desk, as a veto by President Obama will surely become reality. No doubt that the people in the House that hate President Obama will attempt to chance things in his bill that he would not approve of.
The fact is at the moment, the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. The Republicans can do whatever they like as far as making amendments to the bill, but the final outcome of the modifications will have to be approved by the President himself, and the Republicans after almost 6 years of this Democratic president still do not know how to communicate with the White House in a way to get things done.
What is happening now to the President surely will help define his presidency. Obamacare must work, and the president knows it. Still with all the outright dissention of his bill, he has vowed to continue to make Obamacare work. His goal as it was from the beginning was to make sure that all people of the United States have health insurance. He may have been blinded at first, not knowing what opposition to his bill would be uncovered, but the president is now as determined as ever to see it through.
Republican opposition to President Obama and what he represents is not the only thing that the Republicans in Congress attack. They also reject bills that have an overall majority of approval from members of both parties in Congress and the American people but Republicans including the House leader John Boehner will not even let the bills come to a vote. My next article here will highlight some of the bills that the Congress should be voting on, but they are not because of some Republican member agendas that only exist because they benefit themselves personally. They are not concerned as to what the majority of Congress wants, nor what is right. Hopefully during the next election in
2016, besides another Democratic president will be the re-birth of a Democratically lead House of Representatives. If the Republicans continue to act as they have in Congress, the chances of another gavel change in the House is imminent. Witness to this recently has been the election of a few Democratic governors in a recent election.


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