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A Patient Observance of the Iran Deal for the Meantime

Monday, November 25, 2013

As mentioned in my last article, I was pretty animate that personally I did not totally agree to the deal that was made with Iran, that would open up their nuclear program for the first time in more than a decade. This would open up the Iranian nuclear program to U.N. inspectors but only for the next six months. Is this enough time to get their nuclear program under control? I highly doubt it.  The main reason was to slow nuclear production down in Iran. It also specifically required that specific parts of their nuclear program would halt for 6 months in exchange for some relief from sanctions. The deal came about after five days of talks in Geneva between world powers over Tehran's nuclear program and Iran itself.  Again, this sounds good, but I feel that it is fairly dangerous. President Obama today made his case in a speech outlining the benefits of the deal with Iran. As a writer, interested in what is right, regardless of political stature, I am willing to accept this deal for the moment, even though I do not have any faith that something will come out of this. In the short run, these steps may have reverted war for the time being, as I feel that Iran has just been a time bomb and has been very closely scrutinized by the U.S. and other world powers.
The liberal media and the liberal newspapers, i.e. the Washington Post who has been fairly critical and openly against such tactics with Iran, is in favor of it for the time being and calls it "a worthy interim step" and "preferable to the military action" and "the prudent course is to give diplomacy its chance."
Ok, I get it. Regardless of who doesn't like this deal, i.e. Israel, it is now a reality, and just maybe the President may just have something here. Maybe these small steps may lead into deeper negotiations that will lead to a permanent withdrawal from nuclear weapons by Iran. For the moment, I can unequivicabally say that I believe that Iran would never have in its interests the idea to a total rid of nuclear weapons. I believe that if the United States feels that there is a chance of a total and complete stopage of actions by Iran in its nuclear program, just has to be a fantasy at this point. Again, it is just too early to tell, but if we must play child games at this time with Iran to satisfy this administration and other world powers, I guess that this would be better than an all out war. The one thing that President Obama would not like to have happen under his watch is to start a war with Iran. The President's credibility has been damaged as of late due to the Obamacare fiasco, so it would be best for him not to try and start a war with Iran, rather than to deal with the idea that everyone stands to benefit from the negotiations.


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