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John Boehner - A terminal disease in the House of Representatives

Saturday, November 16, 2013

John Boehner, the leader in the House of Representatives, continues to block bills from being voted on, especially if there are enough votes to pass the legislation and he or his conservative friends don't want it to pass.

The first example is the Employee Non-Discrimination Bill, Senate Bill 615, that passed in the Senate by a vote of 64 to 32 along with 10 Republican senators. But the fact is that it will never become law as long as John Boehner will not allow it to be voted on in the House. He says that is his decision, not that I agree with it, but it is up to one man, Mr. Boehner to allow a vote in the House, and he just refuses to go along with the status quo. If it were to come up for a vote in the house, it most certainly would pass. It is a very popular thing, as 73% of Americans favor a law protecting gay people against work place discrimination. Along with this, 89% of Democrats support it, along with 75% of Independents and even at 60% amongst John Boehner's Republicans, but guess what? He and Republicans in Congress will not let the bill come up to a vote.
The second example is on immigration reform. John Boehner claims that he will not allow a vote on this bill, that is certain to pass in the House if brought to a vote. Immigration reform is super popular. It passed in the U.S. Senate with 14 Republican senators voting for it with a vote of 68 in favor of immigration reform to 32 not in favor of it. It voted in favor in the Senate with a 2 to 1 margin, a huge majority voting for it. Overall, 87% of Americans support Immigration reform. It is a most non-controversial bill, but still John Boehner and his friends will not allow a vote to happen, because they know it will certainly pass. 86% of Democrats support it, 88% of Independents support it, and even a wide majority of Republicans at 86% support immigration reform, but guess what? It's not going to happen because John Boehner will not allow a vote in the House. Even a majority in Republican swing districts support it, at 76%. John Boehner is completely against public opinion on this issue, even against the public opinion of Republicans.
The third example, John Boehner and his Republican friends are also completely against public opinion of raising the minimum wage. Overall, 76% of the people claim that they support raising the minimum wage. The Democrats and Independents massively support it at 91% and 76% respectively. Even the Republicans support the idea of raising the minimum wage at 58%. But Republicans in Congress will not let the vote happen, lead by the good for nothing John Boehner.
The forth example, background checks for guns, 81% of all Americans support the checks. Democrats support support background checks at 83%, Independents at 80% and even the Republicans support it at 81%. Even NRA members at 74% support background checks along with Non-NRA members at 87%. But the Republicans in Congress say 'NO' They will never let such legislation to come to a vote, which only supports their own personal agenda, and not the will of the people or any group of people anywhere.
How can such a fumble in our voting system happen?
How about the Buffet rule, which states that billionaires should not pay lower tax rates than their secretaries? Democrats, Republicans and Independents support the Buffet rule, but the Republicans in the House do not support it, and will not allow any such bill come to a vote, knowing that billionaires would have to pay more taxes if the bill passed.
How long will the American people, the voters of this country continue to allow this to happen in Congress? Will 2016 be a year that the Democrats regain the majority in the House? If people do not forget what the do-nothing Congress has done, or what they haven done while in office, then maybe the Senators that will not go along with the will of the people will get overthrown and permanently out of office. Only time will tell, but the Republicans you can be sure will continue their antics of not support what the majority of people want in this country. Now, 2016 is just a little over 2 years away. I highly doubt that the Republicans are smart enough to turn around and do something right before then, so most likely there will be a strong vote for a line of Democrats during the Presidential election year.


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