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O'Connell Plan Defeated by O'Connell

Monday, December 10, 2012

It looks like a budget deal is near. The long national nightmare might almost be over. Another thing being talked about in Washington these days is the debt ceiling. The White House has been putting a plan together to take away the control of the debt ceiling from Congress. Without being able to control the debt ceiling, the Congress wouldn't be able to blow up the world economy. Everything the Congress seems to vote on these days, seems to blow up in everyone's face. Here's something that was blown up before it was even voted on.
Introduced by Republican Senator Mitch O'Connell, the plan is based on the idea that he himself proposed back in 2011. But the interesting thing is that he is actually not for his own plan at this time. He was also hoping that Democrats also did not support it, but a few days ago, he asked the Senate to move to an immediate vote on the McConnell plan. He was figuring that the majority leader would back down, but what actually happened is that the Senate majority leader did not back down, but instead actually embraced the idea of a vote on the McConnell plan. The majority leader wanted an immediate up or down vote. He also said that there would be no filibuster, and no 60 vote requirement needed. It the bill would get 51 votes, it would be passed. So what do you think what happened next.
In complete shock that the Senate was about to vote on his bill at that moment, he did something that was never seen before. He just decided to filibuster his own bill, saying that if there wasn't going to be a 60 vote threshold, there would be no vote at all. In other words, with a 60 vote measure, his bill would surely fail. When was the last time that you think some Senator introduced his bill and voted on it to fail? So here you go. More political games. So what had actually happened is that he asked for a vote on a plan that he created, immediately got his wish, then filibustered his own plan. Talk about turning around 180 degrees. It goes to prove that they don't even try to pass bills, but only to recommit to their own base that they will not vote on much during the lame duck session in Congress. Will the new Congress do better next year. Unfortunately, I don't have much faith in our political leaders now, and no-one else should too. Yes, most likely the Congress will get a permanent debt ceiling bill passed by the end of the year, and in some instances, the Republicans want the bill passed too, just so that they can put this one behind them, but also know that the debt ceiling issue would now be owned by the President. If the economy failed, then the President would be blamed. This is the reasoning of Senator Rand Paul, not taking in consideration that when the same thing was done in the Clinton administration, the rich were paying more taxes than they are right now, and the middle class people benefit.                                                                                                                                                  


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