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Tax Cuts Fail - Now What?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Opinion of the Editor 'James' 'Obama in the White House' blog

Just when you didn't think things couldn't get worse with the United States Congress, things got worse. The latest fling thrown out by the Republicans in the House is to turn away a tax cut extension, that if not approved by January 1, would raise everyone's taxes, approximately affecting 160,000,000 people. Middle class Americans stand a chance to save at least $1,000 per year if passed, but if not, they would inherit at least another minimum of $40 per pay check of taxes.
Right up front, the Republican Senators of the House did elect to pass the bill, and it was fully expected to pass in the House, but when it came down to the vote, thanks to the leadership of John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, the bill failed.
The reason... Because Boehner says that passing just a temporary bill for an extention of 2 months is not the answer, and the President needs to sign a bill for at least a full year. He may be right, but why has it taken the Republicans this long to come up with the fact that a 2 month extension is not acceptable. So instead, the Republican lead House was fully prepared to allow the bill to fail just so that they could possibly gain more concessions from the Democrats.
It looks as if John Boehner has stepped too far across the line. What he was promoting was to hurt approximately 160,000,000 people in the United States.
If the bill doesn't pass, what does it mean to Americans.
Besides the $40 minimum added tax on your paycheck each week, people will elect to do without something to make up the difference. It is not a matter of choice here, but a matter of necessity. The Republicans believe that just $40 bi-weekly is not too much to sacrifice.
But what this would me would be that at Christmas, the Republican party would be responsible for being a Scrooge at Christmas, led by the biggest Scrooge himself, John Boehner. Now, his days are numbered, as the people from Ohio pretty much had enough of him, along with the rest of the country.
People would have problems paying the bills. They would curtail their travel plans. They will push back in purchases. Screwing this one up should really cost the Republicans something that they want the most, and that's the White House. People do not trust the Republican led Congress anymore. Their rating is the lowest ever recorded in U.S. history. Many of the Congressmen will loose their jobs. and not only will President Obama win a 2nd term as President, the House most likely will turn over to the Democrats. So then where the Republican ticket be. Most likely totally out of business and maybe extinct. It is possible that the Republican ticket may not exist during the elections of 2016.
To make it even worse for the Republicans, they are not united on their own front. There is one new front runner after another in the race for the Republican nomination, but with just 2 weeks left to go before the Iowa caucuses, there still is no clear front-runner, especially with the downgrading campaign Newt Gingrich is having. Now Ron Paul is in the lead just two weeks away from the Caucasus. If he wins Iowa, he may just win the second one, and then what will happen. Mainly, the party will be in trouble, because Ron Paul most likely will never be able to beat President Obama. Mitt Romney is the one person so far that may have a shot to stand up against the President. Again, this is my opinion. But what I am witnessing with the Republican race is something that is just unbelievable. To me, there truly is not a good solid person to represent the Republican nomination, and because of this, President Barack Obama should get re-elected, and should do so easily.


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