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CHRIS MATTHEWS About Dirty Politics

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chris Matthews - Hardball on MSNBC
How do you think the election is heading? Dirty politics? You bet.. The Republican run for the White House is now just a method by the Republicans to destroy a "positive, hopefull, processive presidency"  The following is the word for word text by Chris Matthews as he reported today on his own TV show on MSNBC tonight.
"The President, President Obama intends to turn the bad times against the Republicans. He will say that the Republican policies are squeezing the middle class right now, that the country needs to re-elect him to simply offset the power of wall street, that he's the progressive champion fighting a good fight against the money people and their power over Congress. He, Barack Obama is the 21st century's progressive fighter. That Theodore Rosevelt battling those mallofactors of great wealth and that is what Teddy Rosevelt called them on behalf of regular people. Ok. Not bad. Maybe it will work. Maybe it's true. If you have faith in Obama and put some teeth marks into that manifesto he's out there sporting," he said.
"Now for the other side. Here's the deal. The red hots are out there looking for the meanest, nastiest gladiator they can find. They want a street fighter who will look Obama in the face and verbally spit at the guy, who will show no respect, no remorse, and certainly no guilt. And this is where Newt comes in. He's got no guilt, no remorse and shows no respect and doesn't expect any. All he wants is the title shot, the chance to go head to head in the championship ring with the President of the United States. And this is where we're going I think at least right now. I see hatred being the key ingredient of the Republican candidate selection process.
Hope is still the main theme of the Obama brigade. Hope....
Hatred is not about building a better America, it's about hurting Obama, hurting him good, beating him up, humiliating him, getting him to loose, concede the Presidency. To the true haters out there, their biggest dream, their big night, isn't victory by traditional Republican standards of smaller government, it's about watching Obama bite the dust. That's what they lust for. And that explains why they can seriously get behind the candidacy of Newt Gingrich.... Because he promises them what they yearn for in their sleep... The destruction of a  positive, hopefull, progressive presidentcy that proves every day that the American dream is for everyone."


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