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Donald Trump "The Apprentice" to take place with the Republican Presidential Candidates in a Debate

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Not long ago, I submitted an article about Chris Mathews of Hardball, who talked about President Obama. He mentioned that if he had a chance to talk to President Obama, he would give him advice. He would ask him to "Stop being the isolated President". Since that article, I have been following the Republican race to the nomination for President to run against President Obama next November. What has transpired since the article about Chris Mathews of Hardball is an unbelievable turn of events. Since that time, Herman Cain has been accused of a 13 year affair with a woman who has come forward to tell her story. Less than a week later, Herman Cain drops out of the race. But not before an announcement was made that the debates would continue, this time with a moderator that would not be as likely to be one. If it were the program "The Apprentice" then you may like the person asking questions. But would it be likely that Donald Trump host a Republican event with the candidates? You may think not, but that is exactly what is to happen. Within the next 30 days, Donald Trump will be a moderator on 'ION TV' hosting a debate. Needless to say, there has been great decent amongst the Democatic Party, mocking the Republican Process for coming up with such a scheme.
With this said, you may just laugh, thinking that Donald Trump will be a moderator for an upcoming debate, but two of the candidates, John Huntsman and Ron Paul claim that they will not participate in such an event with the real estate mogal Donald Trump asking them questions. So what is this debate turning into? Manybe just another episode of "The Apprentice" staring the one and only Donald Trump.
Oh, and it even gets better.  As you may have guessed, after the show with him as moderator, he will pick his candidate that he will tell the world who he supports for President. He will hold back his decision until the world really knows whom is most likely to become the candidate for the Republican Party.
And now for the kicker for this story. What if Donald Trump does not like whom the Republicans care to be their candidate for President? Then it will be time for him to run, as he says that he will run his own campaign on an independent ticket to run against Barack Obama. Yes, Donald Trump is now admitting that he may still run for President of the United States.
If Donald Trump runs for President, he will absolutely destroy the chances of any of the Republican candidates from having any chance to win against Barack Obama. Having a 3rd candidate in the general election would absolutely split the voters of both the Republican and Tea Party. This would absolutely insure that President Obama would win re-election.
So maybe what Donald Trump is doing is a good thing. The Republican race is so out of sync, especially to approve of such a man like Donald Trump to become a moderator in one of their debates, that they have absolutely no clue that Donald Trump is playing right into their hands. If he doesn't come up with someone that is left in the Republican race that he likes, he will then become their enemy by running against them as an 'independent' candidate.
The race this year has become of the the strangest, most off of the way, rediculus, out of the ordinary race of all time. The personal issues surrounding all of the candidates seem to be extremely non supportive of each competitor. Each day, another crazy story surfaces.  In a since, I almost feel sorry for the Republican party. The path that the party is taking is one that is heading toward extinction. How could the future Republcan party still exist if they cannot win the White House in a campaign against Barack Obama.


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