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Romney a 'liar'? Opinion of the Editor

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The 14th Republican Debate, or what one of the late night shows calls a "Political campaign ad", each debate seems to be such a show.

On the MSNBC show called "The Last Word" w/Lawrence O'Donnell, Mitt Romney has been proven to be what Lawrence calls an outright 'liar' and I agree.

I am copying Lawrence's script word for word here, as I very much agree with what he says about Romney, and I would like to share it with you.

As for starters as O'Donnell says, "When you spend every day of your life lying about your first name, and quoted by Romney himself on the CNN debate, " Hello, my name is Mitt Romney, and yes Wolf that is my first name."  He openly lies about his name.

The mans first name is Willard, not Mitt, as everyone on this program has known for over a year now. If Willard will lie about that, then nothing Willard says probably feels like lying. If there is a pathological liar in the presidential campaign, it is Willard Romney. He was asked about his lying today, but the question was phrased of course, in the limp lamed language of the campaign press. The question to ask Mitt Romney and his despicably sleasy campaign staff is 'why did you lie'? But 'lie' is a word that campaign reporters are afraid of using face to face with lying candidates. Lie is the word that the New York Times and the Washington Post will never use on a political candidate which is why the mainstream media is speeding toward irrelevance in covering a process that involves constant lying by liars who are betting they can get away with it because the word 'lie' is just not in the vocabulary of the establishment media, the referees of the presidential campaigns. The one sound judgement Republican voters have registered this year is that they do not trust Mitt Romney. They recognize that he is a inveterate liar. They don't care that the establishment news media's definition of fairness never includes using the word 'lie' to describe a 'lie'. They know a liar when they see one and hear one. Mitt Romney and everyone working for him should, should be ashamed of themselves but of course they know no shame. They have now become professional campaign liars. But the mainstream media and of course Fox News continue to, accord the lying Romney team all the dignities they offer amongst the most honorable among us, like Romney deface our politics.

Liars like Romney depress voter turn out.
Liars like Romney turn people away from politics.
Liars like Romney are profoundly bad for this country, but the mainstream media will never call what Romney does - 'lying'.

And then they will run endless articles filled with the suprise and angst, the reason why the American voter turnout is as low as it is. But the American voters are dis-spirit and disinterested in voting. The mainstream media helps deliver candidates to the ballot by never calling them liars, then is suprised that the Americans do not want to stand in line to vote for the likes of Mitt Romney. If you want stronger voter interest in this country; if you want stronger voter participation, you should stop the lying in the campaigns. The candidates aren't going to stop the lying on their own, the news media has to make the candidates stop lying. But as long as the campaign press remains so afraid of calling a lie a lie, the candidates will never, ever be afraid to lie. And now, to all the sleasy liars of the Romney campaign, a thanksgiving gift. Here is what the Obama campaign will never do to you."

Lawrence O'Donnell then plays a clip of 'The Sayings of Mitt Romney', which is a parady of sayings by Willard 'Mitt' Romney. There is and never will be another reporter and host of any media or talk show problem or news outlet of the likes of Lawrence O'Donnell who reports the issues from his heart, and truly makes you think about the subjects he talks about.


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