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Chris Mathews Talks about President Obama and the American People

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Opinion of the Editor of 'Obama in the White House'
and Chris Matthews with 'Hardball'

In a recent interview with Alex Witt of MSNBC, Chris Matthews with the 'Hardball' show explains his feeling about President Obama and his communication with the American people. 

Everyone knows that many supporters have left President Barack Obama. But Why? What should people say to President Obama to change their opinion of him? What I'm about to say here hits home with me and should with you. Noone - if you are Democrat or Republican no longer believe in their heart that President Obama cannot lead this country. He has taken down dictators and passed major legislation that no other President in modern times has done, and he did this in a short time of just 3 years. But now he's lost the Democratic majority in the House, and why do you think that this happened? Chris Matthews openly states his feeling on the matter, and tells us in an interview with Alex Witt on MSNBC the reasons why. He also tells us what the President needs to do to gain support. It's difficult to keep everyone from your own party, let alone trying to sway Republicans and Tea party supporters to support you. After all the Tea Party people do not like leaders. They seem to only be there to destroy leaders, and they have no political choice when they do so. They are 'haters' according to Chris Matthews. They don't want a President, but they are willing to take down a President. 

"Join Us" "Stop being the isolated President" says Chris Matthews..

"We didn't elect you to be Peter the Hermit"  says Chris Matthews..

He further tells Alex Witt on MSNBC that he should build a band of politcal conferates around the President, that he should activate the Cabinet, that the President should make them Democrats, run as one polital faction as the President and the Democratic leadership.
He claims that every Democrat in Congress should be an Obama guy, but they are not, because for starters, he hasn't asked them to. First he claims, you must ask them, as you must ask the politicians to join him then the people to join him. He is not with the American people, he claims that he doesn't lead us, but he talks to us, as if we are strangers. 

The mood of the conversation with Alex Witt is almost heartbreaking but true. Chris further explains that the President acts uncomforable in the office and so does the first lady. He says that they have the potential to be extremely popular people as he claims that people actually like them, or want to like them. He says that some of the politicians feel that they haven't even received a phone call from him since the last election. Many of the people that have supported him in the past as him to do these simple things, but some of these things they feel he hasn't done. The President never asks us to do anything, except to remind us that we have difficult times ahead. He never says to the American people to show up at a rally, or write to your Congressman.

Chris Matthews is preaching to the President. He wants him to change. He wants the President to join the American people and actually represent them. There needs to be a massive hiring progam. When soldiers come back for Iraq in the next couple of weeks, they do not need to hit the unemployment lines. They need to stay in their respective service, and do not dump them on the unemployment rolls. 

In the upcoming months, it will be extremely critical for the President to turn his popularity around or he stands a chance to loose the election. He may find out the hard way that winning just the popular vote cannot win you the election, as Al Gore found out when he ran for President against George W. Bush. 


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