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Herman Cain to be Gone Soon - Rick Perry may Win the Nomination

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It looks like more and more that the Democratic Party will not have to worry about one of the Republican contenders, specifically speaking about Herman Cain. Why? Because he is successfully isolating himself from his own party. Why? Because who can remember someone running as a presidential candidate that seemed more out of touch with the prerequisites of the President of the United States more than Herman Cain. As a few examples.....
He based his who plan on idea called the 9-9-9 tax system. But one thing in it that the Conservative party doesn't like is his so called national sales tax system. When he wasn't popular in the polls, the mainstream republicans did not mind him, and paid him no attention. But now that he managed to get to the top since the Texas Governor Rick Perry slipped up on national TV during a debate, now all of a sudden what he says matters.
Then came the sexual harrassment charges by more than one woman. It's one thing to make a mistake, but it's another to openly deny the charges and blame someone else. Even if Cain was right, what right does he have by saying in public that a specific person or organization is responsible, especially if he doesn't any solid facts. But that is exact what Herman Cain is all about. He truly doesn't care what he says or who he embarasses or ridicules. He originally said that he wouldn't allow any Muslims to serve at high levels of government. Republicans were still willing to put up with him, but they are not wanting to put up with him now, especially since he made it to the top of the polls. Now that can has slipped down because of his sexual harassment issue, and the fact that he doesn't know much about Libya and even professes not to care to know, saying "I'm not supposed to know anything about foreigh policy period. Just thought I'd throw that out," as he told a Milwaukee paper this past week. Oh my!! That statement alone should disqualify him from running from office. How can he blatently state that he doesn't need to know about foreign policy. As much as I despise President George W. Bush, I thought I never say a kind word for him, but I will say it now. At least George W. Bush did know about foreign policy, and was familiar with Libya, and Afghanistan and Iraq and Iran and other states that needed his attention. On the other hand Mitt Romney definitely can run rings around Herman Cain. Right now, I'll go out on a limb and state that Herman Cain now does not have a chance to win the Republican nomination.
Now, peoples attention are now centering around Newt Gingrich. But why??!! He's got the Fanny and Freddie issue circling his head, blaming the Democrats for the issues of Fanny and Freddie who gave out loans to people who didn't deserve them. But it was OK for him to receive more than a million dollars from that organization, meaning he was part of it. But he also puts them down and acts like a flipflopper on that issue.  Why is it that Mitt Romney can not gain any more momentum with the Republican constituants. Maybe that's because he has been around for such a long time trying to become President, and the Republicans know everything they need to know about him. Maybe he can't seem to gain more momentum because he is a confirmed flip-flopper on the issues. Whatever the reason, the field of Republican contenders for the Presidential race in 2012 will be slimming down soon. It won't be long now that Herman Cain will be out, and Rick Perry will soon follow. How long can the contenders at the bottom hang in there. Santorum, Bachmann, Paul all should drop out soon. Maybe the field will be clear on who may be left. President Obama is banking on Mitt Romney, as he is expected to nudge out Newt Gingrich for the nomination. Only time will tell, but I believe that the answers we are waiting for will be known very soon.


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