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Obama gaining in the polls - and hasn't even debated yet!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Opinion of "James" editor of Obama in the White House 'blog'

People seem to blame President Obama for everything these days, but it's no wonder why he's unable to get things done in Washington, due to a "do-nothing" Congress. The Republicans seem to have put a lockdown on passing any good legislation this year. Expect more of the same up until the elections in 2012.
Regardless of which party you belong to, it is important to pass a jobs bill now. People are hurting, and in the not so long distant past, people blamed President Obama. Lately with the "do-nothing" Congress, people are realizing that the problem is not with President Obama, but the lawmakers in Washington, who seem to care less about the people out of work, about teachers that are getting laid-off, or about the deteriorating bridges all over the country. Jobs are there for the taking if funded, only when Congress passes a bill so that people can go to work. Republicans know that this is all it will take, but they do not want President Obama to take the credit on his watch. Republicans know if things get better on Obama's, he will gain popularity and most likely an easy road to a second term. They do not care to tax the rich to pay for anything. But they also don't care if the poor and middle class pay more. They don't care that people are not working, or that they are homeless.  Millionaires and Billionaires are laughing at the bank, as they continuously pay low taxes, and in many cases, less than people that make so much less than they do.
Now, these same Republicans who want to help noone, are now trying to put their candidate in the running to go against Barack Obama in 2012. But there are so many candidates still running on the Republican side, that there seems to be no unity amongst the supporters of the Republican candidates, and most of the registered candidates have no clue on who they want to vote for. And how can we not know some of the reasons why. For starters, many of the candidates have issues that would keep them receiving the majority of the vote from people belonging to the Republican party. Recently with Rick Perry's disaster performance in a recent debate, most will say, even from the Republican side of the House, that Rick Perry is now "burnt toast". He doesn't have much of a chance to win the Republican nomination. And then there is Herman Cain. He has just recently been accused of sexual misconduct with at least two women who have not come forward to state their case. But he calls them "liars". Nothing but very shrude comments have been spilling out of Cain's mouth recently, and more and more people now do not know what to think. Cain is experiencing a lead in the polls now, but the only direction he seems to be heading is in a downward slide.
Mitt Romney seems to be the one candidate who has it all together, and out of all of the candidates, he is the best speaker and communicator of all the Republican candidates. Personally, I would love to see President Obama debate Romney as the Republican nominee for President. But Mitt has baggage too. First and foremost, he is considered a "flip-flopper". Then he is a believer of the Morman faith.
Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann pretty much do not stand a chance against the other candidates. Rick Santorum is no-where close in the nomination.
Now let's step back for one moment and observe President Obama. First and foremost, he is now leading in the polls, and he hasn't even debated, not even once. But he will debate against the winning Republican candidate. He and Mitt Romney have the best chance for an even debate in the future, but I also believe that Mitt Romney does not have a chance to win or even compete with president Obama.
Even with President Obama not being able to get people back to work, he seems to be gaining strength against the Republican competition. If the elections were held today, most likely President Obama would win. There is still a year to go, but President Obama is steadily regaining the confidence of the people.


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