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Obama blamed for Doing Nothing since the Deepwater Horizon platform Sank on April 20th

Thursday, June 10, 2010

All you hear these days is that President Obama dropped the ball when it comes to handling the situation in the Gulf. He is being criticized for not speaking with the BP CEO. Now what would this accomplish? The Republicans seem to want to tell the President what he needs to do and when he needs to do it, and if things are not done their way, then they claim that the President is not doing a good job.  What is going on here? Did he hire the Republican critics to be his advisors? I don't think so. They blame it on everything, starting with the lack of experience in dealing with difficult situations as this oil situation is. The Republican party can do nothing but criticize the Democratic government, but never seemed to criticize anyone on their side of the fence when they controlled Congress and when Bush was President. It seems as if the conservative party can do nothing wrong and the liberal party could do nothing right according to everyone on the Republican side of the fence.
In my opinion almost everything that you see happening today is because of the conservative principles of the past Bush presidency. President Obama is blamed for being to far on the left, when in fact all he wants to do is help everyone get out of the mess that the conservative party led by President Bush, did absolutely nothing to help the American people and the economy. The facts are that he was so focused in Iraq and continuing the war in Iraq, that he couldn't even focus on the main reason why the troops were sent over to those trouble spots in the first place. They were supposed to go there and hunt out Osama bin Laden, the leader of a group of terrorists that is responsible for the World Trade Center bombings. Instead of sending troops to Afghanistan and focusing there for the real terrorist threat of Osama bin Laden, Bush decides to destroy a country named Iraq. Granted that the dictatorship that existed there was eradicated because of the United States interaction there, but it was done at a very high cost of American lives. Is this how you protect American lives? How does President Bush sleep at night, retired in his confortable home in Texas, knowing that so many troops died under his watch?!! Did President Bush have a justifiable reason to destroy Iraq? I think not. There were no weapons of mass destruction there, as was the reason why he said we needed to go there in the first place. He purposly put American soldiers in danger by invading Iraq. But according to the Republicans that is ok. They claim he did the right thing. What is not ok to them is the fact that President Obama still hasn't put a stop to the oil leaking in the Gulf. Yes, President Obama owns a submarine that can go down 5000 feet, and is a nuclear specialist, that is capable of diving down to the bottom of the gulf and blowing out the leak. Give me a break. President Obama is working with every person capable of assisting with solving the Gulf oil problem. If you think the President can plug the hole spewing a possible million barrels of gas and crude daily, he would if he could. But, he can’t nor can all the president’s men. But continue to blame the feds, if you will.Now how rediculas is that.

People need to remember something here. The United States is a free nation, and BP did have legal rights to drill in the deep waters of the Gulf. They may have dropped the ball by not having relief wells already drilled just in case, but the oil spill that had occurred was unpecidented, and noone ever expected it. Noone could ever fanthom that the oil rig would just blowup and sink to the bottom of the Gulf, killing 11 lives.

BP most likely will pay the ultimate price for an oil company. They most likely will not be able to survive such a disaster. They most likely will perish from all of the money spent trying to stop the leaking well and the cleanup process that must take place later, not to mention all of the lawsuits forthcoming from the families of the deceased workers, to the states effected along the Gulf coast with the oil reaching their shores.

But again, the Republicans still continue to say that it is President Obamas fault. They claim that the President doesn't have experience in this type of situation. But, that must mean that they (republicans) do. Anyone can talk the talk, but not many can walk the talk. Just because the Republicans are not in control of the government, all they can do is criticize the Democratic government. This is sad. But again, it is a free country and people have the right to say what they believe in.

But now let's talk what the Conservative side is saying, starting with Rush Limbaugh. He said that the cause was that the environmentalists working as eco-terrorists blew up the Deepwater Horizons exploratory drilling platform that killed 11 crew on April 20th. But in another quote, he said "The ocean will take care of this on its own if it was left alone and left out there," Limbaught said. "It's natural. It's as natural as the ocean water is." Now how about that nonsense. How disconnected is he regarding the situation and the disaster unfolding in front of everyones face!!

If you believe what he says, be my guest. If you do, your brain is no larger than his.

I suppose the eco-terrorist charge is a conspiracy theory, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, because environmentalists protesting oil drilling on land and sea have forced the drilling far off shore in depths a mile deep to find new underground reserves. Rush refuses to say it was an accident waiting to happen. It is interesting that he doesn't becuase the law granting oil drilling in deep waters came about during President Clinton's watch.

As for the man-made disaster of natural forces at work, I’ll let explain:

“Natural” doesn’t always mean good…Arsenic, lead and mercury are as natural as can be, but you wouldn’t want them in your food or your living room. Well, crude oil is also natural, but it’s toxic to most living organisms (exceptions are rare, mostly bacteria), and the waters of the Gulf of Mexico are the living room and fridge of countless species.

These ecosystems haven’t evolved in contact with oil, in the same way that most of the heavy metals found deep in the Earth’s crust are toxic to us because over evolutionary time we haven’t been exposed to them much. It’s the same basic principle that explains why oxygen is toxic to certain microorganisms because they evolved in places where there’s little or no O2.

And while the oil itself might be “natural”, the spill itself certainly isn’t. That oil was sequestered deep underground and has been there for millions of years. It very probably wasn’t going anywhere until we drilled there. In that regard, it’s 100% a human-made disaster. So yes, people from the President all the way to the Oil Companies and the citizens of this country know that now with without the proper safety mechanisms to sustain deep water drilling, that this exploration should have never taken place.

But let's not blame the President. The well will get capped, and the President is on the top of the list of people who want this catastrophe to come to an end. He will do what any responsible President will do to end this crisis, just like any other President.


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