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The Saga of Chris Christie

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I have been very patient with the issue surrounding New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. I have not reported on the New Jersey Governor before now in an attempt to focus on reporting about our Democratic President. But the ridiculousness of what Christie just said cannot go unreported.

Unfortunately for the Republican governor, he continues to make mistakes, and just recently he made a the following comment to town hall audience in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, as he calls himself "a trained lawyer.

Here is what he says, and you judge this for what you think it's worth....

"The fact is that I have 3 1/2 years as governor. I can't run again. And we can get through, muddle through the next 3 1/2 years without this crisis hitting us between the eyes. So this isn't me trying to save myself, as governor. When it really hits the fan here, I'll be doing something else. It will be someone else's job to stand here, and try to explain to you, why nothing was done, when we saw the problem coming... And the easiest thing for me in the world to do is to whistle a happy tune, go along with the characters who are saying, this isn't a problem, don't worry about it. And listen, I'm a trained lawyer. Do you know what that means? I can make up an answer at any time that sounds convincing." The crowd just laughed. Apparently the crowd he was speaking to may have been a majority Republican group... They clapped.. And then he said  "and you know, I can do that for three more years". 

Talk about arrogance..    He claims that he can continue to make up answers at any time that sounds convincing for the next three years. That's what I just calculated him to say. How about you?!?!?!!!!

As ridicules as it sounded, especially since he has incriminated himself on his own words, regarding his reputation to always tell the truth. He said it and nobody else did... In his words.. "I can make up an answer at any time that sounds convincing." He now has totally lost his reputation of telling the truth, and seriously is not eligible to even run for President of the United States if he wanted too. He outwardly admitted that he can and will convince anyone of anything at any time because he calls himself a trained lawyer.

Now let's get the the trained lawyer lie...

He said "Listen, I'm a trained lawyer. Do you know what that means? I can make up an answer at any time that sounds convincing." First is that what trained lawyers do, and that is to make up answers at any time that sounds convincing. Do you think he is also saying that he would also purposely not tell the truth if he was an acting lawer in a courtroom because he could convince anyone of the facts as he wants them to see?

First, if he truly was a trained lawyer, he would have never made that comment in public, especially allow the media to get wind of it, because now it will be all over the news especially if he makes a mistake to run for President if he is not convicted for lying about his knowledge of the George Washington bridge scandal.

The fact is, he is not a trained lawyer, but he is willfully telling his audience of this outright lie. If he was a trained lawyer, he would have real courtroom or trial experience. HE HAS NONE. A trained lawyer maybe would have a dozen or more years at it.

So now you know the truth. Chris Christie only says what he wants people to hear, and if they are listening, he will try and convince them that he is telling the truth. It is amazing to me to see such a man, that is now under so much scrutiny say the things he said, after people are just itching to hear this kind of thing to bury him.

Like I said, he just destroyed his last chances to run for President.


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