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The New 2015 Fiscal Year Obama Budget

Friday, March 7, 2014

What do Democrats plan to run on in 2014? In this off election year, Democrats are worried that there is a real good chance that they can loose the Senate this year. Republicans everywhere tend to believe that this is what will happen in 2014.
But on Tuesday March 4, 2014, the President sent Congress his 6th new budget request. It amounts to $3.9 trillion and is the platform that Democrats will run on in 2014. His 2015 fiscal year budget is full of policies that contrast the Republican ideas which begins on Oct. 1, 2014, which is the opposite of the 2013 budget, where he tried to compromise with Republicans without success.
The budget entails generous tax credits for the working poor, which will be paid for by taxing the rich.
The President claims that the U.S. must spend more because of the calls for spending, and tied to tax cut policies to help reduce declining deficits. The President is paying particular attention to investment to address economic inequality along with spurring technological innovation.
Reprized spending cut initiatives for education are now on the table, to include items from pre-school to college, "for roads and other public works, and for research and manufacturing centers, with many of the ideas popular among Republicans. But he has proposed to offset the initiatives' cost by ending tax breaks for the wealthy and some corporations, which sets up a trade-off intended to put anti-tax Republicans in a political vise," as states in an article by Jackie Calmes on March 4, 2014 printed in 'The New York Times'.
His budget would advance revenues to over $1 trillion by 2025. This would be directly attributed in reducing the fiscal deficit.
As expected, the Republican base have condemned the budget, mainly because of its proposed spending and tax increases. An appropriations process by U.S. Congress most likely will take place to pick apart the President's budget, as the President is well aware of by now. President Obama expects that the Congress will salvage some of his ideas and put them through.
What the submitted budget will do, even though most of it most likely will be blocked yet again by Republicans who hate spending, will initiate conversation that is important in the 2014 debates prior to the elections.
The Republicans claim that all President Obama wants to do is spend. What the Democrats plan to do is show the American people that the Republican led Congress wants to do everything in their power to isolate the poor, women not allowed to vote freely because of voter registration laws, abortion issues,  and unemployed workers without benefits, just for starters.
Unfortunately for the Republicans, they do not have a clear road to take the Senate this year in the mid term elections, but because of their beloved tea party and their disorganized political process, a Democat will be elected President in 2016, regardless of who runs either party in Congress.


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