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Consequences of Republican Actions

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Political fear is the reason for Republican actions, but the American people have to take the damage. Republican politicians feel that they must only rule according to their conservative ideas, not on what is truly right for the American people. This is what has become the core of almost every Republican decision in Congress today. Decisions are not made for the people by the Republicans. The decisions are made only for what they believe in, centered totally around their conservative ideas, not what is best for their own constituents. Shutting down the government for over two weeks lead by Senator Ted Cruz is very much proof of this, even though many of his fellow Senators say that they disapproved of his actions. The United States lost millions of dollars because of it, and for what end goal? The 'Sequester' is even more proof of the damages caused by Republican inaction. Because the Republicans in the House would not vote on a measure to stop the sequester, it automatically went into effect, and lots of money earmarked for several government funded programs were cut, including some military programs which hurt the security of the country. But Republicans just do not seem to care.
The goal of the shutdown was to defund ObamaCare, a law that is now considered the law of the land. But no, the Republicans have voted over 40 times to try and stop a law that they in a do-nothing Congress can not stop at this time. But what did they decide to do instead to further push the issue? The Republicans led by Senator Ted Cruz, implemented the government shutdown on the very first day of the opening of the Affordable Care website of Some of the Republicans, lead by Ted Cruz, intentionally wanted to see no government oversight of the newly created website on its very first day in action. Of course now we know that the website has major issues, and does not run efficiently because of some technicalities, and the Republicans are taking every opportunity to put down the website and make another statement that implementation of the new healthcare plan needs to now be postponed. Of course, to date the President says that healthcare will be implemented as planned and will be done on the present schedule.

Another example of the political infection by Republicans are comments and now actions to follow by Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican in Congress that claims that he will vote against every single nomination by the President to delay any further nominations by the President. His reason... Benghazi. He says the fight against the Democrats and Hilary Clinton is not over, and that until justice is served, he will continue to fight against every single Democratic candidate for office until he is satisfied with the outcome of the Benghazi affair.
Talk about being radical, here goes another senator, just like Ted Cruz, who thinks he has answers on how to get things done, and it has to be his way, or the highway.
At the end, will he be successful? Most likely not, but not much that the republicans are doing these days are successful, except to make the American people suffer from their actions. The people will not have the needed representatives standing up for them in proper time. And yes, why would any Republican want to block the nominations? Of course the reason has to be that the Democratically elected President is nominating fellow Democrats to fill the bill. This is still another political move by select Republicans to block the success in government, as long as President Obama is in power. What will they do when Hilary Clinton becomes president in 2016? And in case you may not be aware of it, I am already predicting that she will run for President and will win the election. I am so certain of this, that I have waiting in the wings another website, or maybe two of them now parked, with the following URL's: and

Leading the way of inaction is the Republican controlled House of Representatives. They can't pass bills. The only thing they can do on a weekly basis is not vote on anything but surely remember to go on vacation. Is this a way to get re-elected? Mid-term elections are around the corner in 2014, and usually the party in office at the time stands to loose many of the mid-term elections, but this year, because of Republican issues, a party that is in so much disarray, the Democrats not only have a good chance to win the White house in 2016, but stand to win back the House in 2014. Only time will tell.  Again, thank you Republican party for helping the Democratic cause in 2016.


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