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Governor Perry of Texas Signs a bill Killing Abortions in the State

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Well it's official. Governor Perry of Texas, another governor from a Republican controlled state has signed a law into place that bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. You may think that this is a good thing, but it is not. He has directly attacked women's rights under the Constitution.  He like other governors in Republican controlled states refused to listen to the wants and needs of the people. Some of the supporters of his bill to include some women, not the majority of women I may add, support his plan not to have a woman go to an abortion clinic under certain situations, and have limited the doctors performing such abortions from being able to continue their practice as one of the conditions were as follows....
The doctor who performs an abortion must be licensed and registered at a local hospital within 30 miles of his clinic. This would be impossible for many of the abortion doctors because their clinics are located in rural areas and not near hospitals. So many of the Planned Parenthood clinics now will have to close. Many woman who depend for all care at planned parenthood clinics will now have nowhere to go. Young girls, and women who have decided that they do not want to bear a child after they become pregnant, are now forced by the laws in Texas that require these abortion clinics  in their rural community to close to bear unwanted children. It is easy  to just say if you were raped, that all you would have to do is go to the hospital and then you can have an abortion in the hospital. It is not that easy. Did anyone consider the expense of having a child in the hospital, or what the cost of an abortion would be, that it may not be covered under insurance and that the patient herself just couldn't afford to pay. Obviously not. Under this new law signed by the Governor, children will be bearing children, at least the poor children that were raped. Many of these women who cannot afford to go to a hospital, will take a chance of their lives and travel to Mexico for an abortion. Is this Governor Perry's way to protect women?
You may ask yourself why this governor would pick this year to pass this radical legislation, after the first try was overwhelming trumped by objectors that made it virtually impossible to have the bill passed during the first try. Still, after knowing what the people wanted, this governor attached the abortion law onto another bill under consideration in the state, and less than two weeks later, the governor ram-rodded the bill through the legislative process in the state of Texas and then signed the bill.
The governor now states that he will not run for re-election as governor in the state of Texas. Does he have higher ambitions? Will he again run for president.   He is known as the "Woops" guy, the one candidate in the 2012 election for president where he really flubbed on National TV with his remarks, actually forgetting what he was trying to say.  Democratic Senator, Wendy Davis, who filibustered at the State Capital just a few weeks ago, who was solely responsible for making Perry's first try at this legislation fail, may now run for Governor in the state as she now has sprung into popularity and is the states first choice for the woman of the state.
Now let's get down to brass-tacks here. I am a Texas resident, and I don't like the thought that women are going to have abortions done. I was taught at an early age by my parents, grown up Catholic, that abortions are not acceptable in our faith. I get that. What I disapprove of with the governor and the Texas legislative process is that they just passed what they wanted to pass, not listening to the voice of the people. The state seems to be run like a dictatorship. Not every woman is a Catholic.
Abortions do not affect me. They don't affect the woman in the state of Texas that are not for abortions and support the Governor. They would never go to a Planned parenthood clinic, or at least they say they wouldn't because they would want to have their children. But what about the woman who were raped, not near a hospital and now are forced to have a child they never wanted, let alone a child from a rapist. That mother would be forever associated to the father of her child that she was forced to bear because of Governor Perry and his outlawish government practices. If a doctor who used to do abortions at a clinic and now is not qualified or cannot get registered at a local hospital hoping at least there may be one around, then there will be no abortions performed.

It is a travesty for women.

As a final thought, you may want to think about why Republicans want to support such radical bills that go against our constitution, as the right wing party will never get elected in the White House in 2016 if they support such legislation. They will never make it without women's support. All they talk about is supporting the people and doing what is right. Is it right for them to act so mercilessly to put woman's health on the line? It is up the the Governor of any state to dictate what a woman can do our should not do with her own body? How would Governor Perry like it if the new governor told him that he could only have sex with his wife just once a month, and that if he performed sex with her more often, that he would be required to see a doctor, and to also have his wife checked to make sure she wasn't pregnant? That is beyond ridicules.
What Governor Perry did is a disgrace to the human race, and shows that he has no respect for women or a conscience for his own constituents.


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