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Proposed Bi-Partisan Immigration Bill

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Senators in Washington haven't had much luck lately on getting bills passed. It seems so difficult for them to agree on anything, and then pass legislation that is truly supported on both sides of the isle. The bills usually just pass by a few votes if it passes at all. Never does it seem that both political parties agree on much of anything, especially the legislation that they are bidding to put into law.
The topic now floating around in Washington that seems to be of interest of both parties is the topic of immigration reform. Does anyone think that this Congress has any ability to do some real good as far as immigration. Yet, it deserves a mention here. This may be as far as it gets in Congress.
  Eight Senators devised and released a comprehensive immigration reform plan that they say will stop illegal immigration. It also address approximately 11 million immigrants who are now in the country illegally. Imagine, 11 million immigrants. Because it is not practical to have all of these illegal immigrants go back to where they came from at once, mostly from Mexico, there must be a way to systematically work with illegal immigrants. Some of them have illegal parents, but the offspring were born in America. Is it right to deport anyone who was born in this country, whether their parents were illegal or not? It wasn't their choice to be born here, but they may have already been here going into their adult lives. They haven't been able to legally contribute to society, because they haven't even had the ability to hold a Social Security Card so that they can work legally. They deserve a shot to become legal citizens if they are willing to go about what it takes to become legal. If not, and if they do not take advantage of doing what it takes to become a legal citizen by a certain period of time, then they truly need to be deported. Some illegal aliens that have been born here and lived in this country their whole lives and are the first to be considered for legal immigration and possible citizenship and should have to take easier steps to reach their goal.
My opinion here obviously is not the opinion of every citizen of this country, and I'm sure that there is a good portion of people that disagree with my reasoning, especially the mainstream conservative party.
Still the bi-partisan group of Senators now have devised a bill that the Congress must consider to more forward.
Still, I have no faith in the present Congress. If their desire is to shoot down every bill that is thought of by a Democratic senator, then not much will get passed in President Obama's second term in office.
One of the reasons why bills did not get passed in the past was because of the elections of 2010. The Democrats lost control of the Senate. Now just about every time the vote gets close in the Senate, and even in many cases where the majority of Senators agrees on a bill, a filibuster is introduced and the bill still does not pass. So truthfully now with the present Congress, I see no way that the Congress will ever pass ANY type of immigration legislation. If it passes, I will present an article with details from the bill as it will then stand.


Anonymous May 14, 2013 at 8:01 AM  

I agree. The useless Congress has little chance in passing any bill worth while in Congress. They are too busy fighting each other and bickering over Bengahzi. Instead, they should be concerned about people getting killed daily with guns. Wake up Congress! If you don't get this immigration bill done and ready for the President's signature, you all need to go out on permanent vacation!

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