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2013 Has Arrived... What's next for the New Year!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

President Obama, obviously disappointed with no compromise from the House Senators, has to wait still another day to attempt to work on the Fiscal Cliff issues. The President has decided not to leave Washington because of all the work left over to do. With this said, the Senators from the House have decided to recess for another day, even in light that the Senate now has a legislation ready for the House to vote on. So, as expected, the New Year does not bring anything new to the country, except that now that the Bush tax cuts have expired, and the Republicans do not have to vote to raise them as now they go up automatically. Now they will blame President Obama for the raises. When the House is in session again, I don't expect that the legislation presented to them by the Senate will pass.
Even so, the business at hand in the White House must go on. With the new Congress and a beginning of his second term in office, President Obama made statements about his priorities for the next four years. Presently, there are four priorities, namely immigration, the economy, energy and debt reduction.
Obama plans to attack the broken immigration system by introducing new legislation to have it fixed in this new year. As the President stated, "We have talked about it long enough," He said. "we know how we can fix it." Along with this the President wants to fix America's infrastructure. As the President said, "If we are putting people back to work, rebuilding our roads, our bridges, our schools, in part paid for by some of these broader long-term deficit reduction measures that need to take place, that will grow our economy."
Another avenue of growth will be to address a further increase in the amount of energy that America produces, and green energy is at the top of his list. As he stated, "We are producing more energy and America can become an energy exporter. (The question is) how do we do that in a way that also deals with the environmental challenges that we also have at the same time."
But everything leads back to the present issue at hand, and most things that he wants to fix is dependent on the outcome, the outcome of the fiscal cliff. How do you begin to grow and do what is needed to succeed, as he says, "It is going to be very had for the economy to sustain its current growth trends if suddenly we have a huge bite taken off the average American's paycheck," he said.


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