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Chris Rock Sorely Criticizes President Obama

Monday, December 1, 2014

Comedian Chris Rock

In a recent interview of the comedian Chris Rock, he criticized President Obama on many things, initially saying that when Obama became President, "we got Shaq, not Michael Jordan." Then again, all Chris Rock is, is just an entertainer with his own personal views, as he sees it, explained in his shows. That's just my point. It is just his show. Just because he says something, that doesn't mean that people need to believe him. Recently, he answered a few questions in an interview with Frank Rich from New York magazine. Most of the questions asked by Frank Rich were answered in Chis's opinion. But one of the responses I seemed to be quite odd. The following is the question and then the answer by Chris, proving why he definitely could not qualify to be the leader of the free world, someone who cares about his fellow human beings.

Chris Rock begins to say the following, and then in quotes is his actual statement. 

The comedian said Obama's tenure could have gone differently if the President started from rock bottom, rather than trying to prevent the country from further devolving into an economic disaster.

"When Obama first got elected, he should have let it all just drop...Just let the country flatline. Let the auto industry die. Don't bail anybody out. In sports, that's what any new GM does. They make sure that the catastrophe is on the old management and then they clean up. They don't try to save old management's mistakes...Let it all go to hell knowing good and well this is on them. That way you can implement. You hire your own coach. You get your own players. He could have got way more done.
You know, we've all been on planes that had tremendous turbulence, but we forget all about it. Now, if you live through a plane crash, you'll never forget that. Maybe Obama should have let the plane crash. You get credit for bringing somebody back from the dead. You don't really get credit for helping a sick person by administering antibiotics."

Personally, I had taken offense by his comment concerning President Obama, and that he should have just let the "country flatline", or "let the auto industry die". Sure, it wouldn't affect him. He's pretty wealthy right now, and he doesn't have to worry about putting food on the table. Did he consider all of the tens of thousands of people that would have had to start their lives over if President Obama acted as Chris says that he should have?
Sure, it may have been easier to just blame the previous President for the economic disaster that plagued President Obama from day one of his presidency. But it was not the right thing to do just to make it easier for yourself to gain popularity of the people. Gaining popularity wasn't in the cards for President Obama. After all, he already had it, as he just won his first term as PONTUS. He is not about just gaining fame. During his whole Presidency to date of just a little over 6 years now, the only thing President Obama wanted to do was to do the right thing, to help the middle class, to take the country into a new direction in the hopes of improving the economy, and by letting things just flatline just to take all the credit, to me is just sick.
So kudos to you Mr. Chris Rock! You could NEVER concern yourself for the people you be-little, just because you have it all, but others must loose everything because you say so.
Mr. Chris Rock is just a comedian, thank God. He does and never will have the compassion for the American people that President Obama has for the people. Since becoming a successful comedian, Mr. Chris Rock hasn't had to do a serious thing during his who career. Stand-up comedy is his gig and let's hope that Mr. Chris Rock will never run for any political office someday.


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