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Yet A New Benghazi Investigation to Come in September

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The U.S. Congress is on vacation for the next 5 weeks, and then they will come back in September for only 10 days of work, then another 5 weeks again in October going through the first week of November. It seems like all that the taxpayers do now-a-days is to fund their vacations, along with funding their do-nothing tactics in Congress, and they seem to get away with this every year. Why doesn't someone sue Congress for doing nothing, or to put it more bluntly, not doing the will of the people.
With so much to do, what do you think that the House Republicans plan to do in September? If you guessed Benghazi, you would be right. Never mind about the children on the border. Never mind tackling the issue of minimum wage or the millions of people that no longer have funds coming in because they lost their jobs because of no fault of their own. Never mind about the bridges scattered throughout the country that desperately need repair. Never mind about those serious issues affected the middle class on a daily basis, but it is OK to continuously poke at something that happened over 2 years ago, still trying to pin the blame on someone, after there has been committee after committee investigating the Benghazi affairs, and nothing of any consequences has been found to blame anyone.  Most likely President Obama will take some type of Executive measure while Congress is gone on vacation, because the Congress has crippled themselves by not acting to solve so many issues facing the country. Then this will give Republicans ammunition to then push for impeachment, which again would be another waste of time. In a sense, just talk about impeachment seems to fire up the Democratic base, something that hasn't happened with Democrats prior to a mid term election in a long time. This may be just what is needed to keep the Senate majority and maybe take back the House.  Impeachment would never pass in the Senate, and even if the Senate turns to a Republican majority in November, House Republicans starting with John Boehner claim that impeachment would be off the table. Do you think that the tea party followers, like Michelle Bachman and Ted Cruz would sit back and not force John Boehner to take up impeaching the President? Of course they would, as they have allot more say about what goes on in the House than the Speaker of the House has control of. Boehner has repeatedly shown that he is nothing more than a puppet of the extreme right wing tea party. It is like he is the Speaker of the tea party, instead of the Republican party.
Trey Gowdy, U.S. Republican Representative has been named the head of a "special House committee investigating the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi and plans to hold his first public hearing in September about changes the State Department has made to better protect diplomats," U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy said.
More witnesses than ever before will be the plan of the day. Most people are tired of hearing the same old story coming up time and time. Benghazi has been so burned out over the past few years since the attack that killed 4 diplomats. So far to date, there has been 7 separate Congressional probes investigating Benghazi.

The 7 committees that have already investigated the allegations by Republicans on Benghazi are as follows:

1) House Intelligence Committee
2) Senate Intelligence Committee
3) House Armed Services Committee
4) Senate Armed Services Committee
5) Senate Homeland Security Committee
6) House Oversight Committee
7) House Foreign Affairs Committee

There has even been one more if you were to count the State Department Independent Accountability Review Board.

Out of all of the committees findings, there has absolutely nothing that came out of any of the hearings, except a concern about protection at the Libyan Embassy. There has been nothing found to prove that the Obama administration tried to cover anything up or screwing up anything in some fairly obvious way concerning Bengahzi,  as there just is absolutely no evidence of ANY wrong-doing.

Because of this, people now are asking why still another hearing. After two years of investigation, now the House Intelligence Committee again has found no apparent wrong doing by the Obama administration. The Intelligence Committee report "confirms that no one was deliberately mislead, no military assets were withheld and no stand-down order (to U.S. Forces) was given." According to Rep. Mike Thompson of St. Helena.

Since all these findings, the Democrats and Republicans in the House Intelligence Committee have voted unanimously to declassify and release the latest report. This hasn't been the first time that a Republican backed committee has found nothing about Benghazi, but the Republicans are bent is spending an additional 3.3 million dollars to investigate the Benghazi attack once again. This will be done when the House Republicans come back from vacation in September.

It is now obvious why the Republicans plan to conduct these hearings in September. Since the committee will only be assembled for a few days in September before going back on vacation, it is just another stall tactic for the Republicans not to have time to do anything else, like pass legislation like immigration. The Republicans know full well that the U.S. Senate will not address the bill that the House just most recently passed because it is so radical and so far to the right that many main stream Republicans really don't support it. The bill is a product of tea party members that are trying to forge their own agenda in the Republican party.

The conspiracy theories keep coming, and one must wonder when it will be enough to actually put Benghazi to bed. Most likely, this will not happen until the mid-term elections in November. At that point in time, all you will hear about is impeaching President Obama.

Yes, the 'do-nothing' Congress will live up to its name most likely at least until the Presidential elections in 2016. At that time, it is my belief that the Republican party or the tea party will get disbanded, as an internal war on the Republican side will take place, and just maybe the right wing party will gain some legitimacy. But unfortunately for them, until they can win over minorities and the middle class, it will be a long time before they can get another Republican President put in the White House. Before this is all over, I highly expect that Congress will once again be Democratically led in both the Senate and the House, with another Democratic President. Will the citizens of America be willing to allow what just happened with Congress be allowed to happen again? When will the Republicans wake up and realize that until they support middle-class families of all races, not just whites, that their agenda will not have any place in American society.


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