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The Dysfunctional House of Representatives - polluting the U.S. Congress

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Earlier in the week, the U.S. Congress spent a whole day in discussion and then a vote on suing the President of the United States regarding his so called 'misuse of Executive Power'.

Does this make sense? If you look at the facts, it does not make one bit of sense. The Congress has just about a 0% chance of successfully suing the President, but they decided that this was more important to pass than to actually work on the VA issues up before them and also about immigration and the border issue with thousands of children crossing into Texas. They wait until the last minute to do ANYTHING, and then when they act, it's too little and too late.

Ok, so NOW they have now voted and formally plan to sue the President?


So the next order of business came late in the day on Thursday, when the House of Representatives were supposed to introduce a bill to enhance security on the U.S. southern border. In a bill presented to the House by the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, before the bill actually reached the floor of the House on Thursday, he decided to scrap the bill because the House Speaker knew that he could not get his own Republican caucus in the House to vote in favor of his own bill.

What an embarrassment for the Speaker of the House. Actually, Boehner has become one glaring embarrassment to the Republican party, as a Speaker of the House of Representatives that cannot get his caucus to vote on literally ANYTHING worth while, or bills that would pass in his House of Representatives, but he elects to only push bills through for a vote that has Republican party interest, not Democratic interest, or the interest of the voters, especially the middle class.

Talk about a misuse of power, John Boehner is the one who should be sued by the U.S. taxpayers for misrepresentation of his office.  Then the Speaker turns around and formally initiates a lawsuit of President Obama, who is only reacting for the House of Representatives non-action, doing the will of the people and now has been formally told through this lawsuit that he is misusing his executive powers.

A Republican Senator of the U.S. Senate - Ted Cruz, convinced his tea party followers that they should not vote for John Boehner's bill. Michelle Bauchman agreed with Cruz in an effort to go against the Speaker of the House and now all of a sudden Boehner did not have enough Senators in his own Congressional body of the U.S. House of Representatives to vote in favor of his bill. This is direct proof that he has no control of his own party as Speaker of the House.

So in response, the House of Representatives elected to postpone their month long vacation in August, and stay through Friday to re-create a border bill in reckless fashion with much haste, and the new $694 million bill was born. It had NO Democratic support in the House. The vote was strictly on party lines. Does it have a chance to pass in the Senate? Of course not. It in itself is more radical than the bill that John Boehner originally introduced into the House of Representatives that they did not get the chance to vote on. Why? Because the tea party that controls the Republican party, led by junior Senator Ted Cruz gets to dictate now what he thinks is better. He's the same guy directly responsible for shutting down the U.S. government last year, with his over-reaching power to other Conservatives in the House of Representatives, which incidentally is not the body of Congress that he actually works in. His position resides in the U.S. Senate. So why then, does he pose so much power over the House of Representatives as a junior Senator in the U.S. Senate. Yes, it is mind-boggling, but the fact is, that the House of Representatives has no true leader.

So why waste time creating a bill that will not pass the Senate? Why take a day away from your very unearned vacation to work on a bill that will not pass the Senate, and as the President Stated in an earlier national address, even if the Senate would pass the bill, he (President Obama) would veto it?

Does this sound like government is working? It sounds kind of dysfunctional to me.

The answer to the questions are simple. Now that they are going on a vacation for a month, and most all are planning to go home to try and convince their own followers of their party that they are doing something in Washington, and that the reasons why things are not happening in Washington are because of President Obama, or the U.S. Senate failures. Does that make any sense? It does if you understand that the U.S House of Representatives only motive until President Obama leaves office is to refuse to do any work or pass any bills in Congress until Obama leaves office. So it must be the President's fault for being President for a second term! Right? The Republicans apparently are second guessing the American People, saying that they were wrong for electing Obama for a second term. Even if that were true, who did they have to oppose him, Mitt Romney! Right!!!!

But what the Republicans are doing here will backfire. Yes, they passed a border security bill, but will ANYONE benefit by it? Of course not, especially the people who came across the southern border and many will continue to stay. Eventually if any of these people become U.S. Citizens, will they vote for the party who wanted to deport them? Of course not? Republicans must open their eyes and observe that this is not only a 'white race' country anymore, and really never was, and that unless they support issues affecting the minority and middle class, they will never again elect a Republican president.  Instead of directly addressing the issues when they had time before their summer break, the only thing they concentrated on was suing the President. So what will happen now? What will continue to happen is that an average of 400-500 immigrants will cross the southern border each day during the Congress's absence, and then the Congress expects the President of the United States to just wait for them to perform more inaction when they come back because they will turn right around and go on another undeserved vacation. There could be an upwards of 15,000 more people crossing the border by the time they come back instead of really addressing the issue when they had the time to do so, instead of trying to sue the President.

Because of their in-actions, the President most surely will come up with another Executive Order. This time, the undocumented aliens, the mothers and children will gain the rights to permanently stay in the U.S., especially if the child has a relative in the United States who is a U.S. Citizen or a legal alien. That is the most popular guess, and I also believe this to be right. It may not be accurate, but you can surely bet that the Republicans will act strongly against whatever action the President takes, especially if he acts favorably on the children at the border, and does not consider the House bill. Of course, he doesn't have to consider it formally at this time, because it must get through the U.S. Senate first, and that is not going to happen. Even if it did get passed in the U.S. Senate, the President would VETO it.

It is like the Republicans who know what is about to happen with this Executive order to come, is now coaxing the President to perform an executive action. What? First, they say that the President is over-riding his power in Executive actions, but now want him to perform an Executive action.  Actually, the Speaker of the House, the one who initiated the suit to sue the President of the United States now even made a formal public announcement that he encouraged the President to perform the action. What would this action lead to? Of course, most on both sides of the isle would say would lead to impeachment hearings. But again, the Republicans will fail, as the Senate would never impeach President Obama. It happened to our last Democratic President, Bill Clinton, and it surely will happen again if it were up to the Republicans. Of course, President Clinton stayed and was not evicted from the White House, and neither will President Obama, regardless of what he does on immigration on the border when the Congress is out of Session.

Now is that Hippocratic or what? John Boehner is nothing short of an child, who is performing at the level of the worst Speaker of the House of Representatives ever known to Congress of either party for that matter. He has become the puppet of the tea party, and cannot stand on his own. He can only do things that the far right, the tea party caucus want. The regular Republican establishment has no say so on their own any more, at least not at the moment. It will be interesting to see what is going to happen with the Republican party, and the tea party for that matter if and when the House goes Democratic this fall, or if another Democrat is elected as President to succeed President Obama in 2016. One or the other will become extinct.

Now for the second order of business for what was supposed to be their first day of vacation in August. There was another bill that would speed up child deportations. Presently, only Mexican and Canadian nationalists can be immediately deported. Thanks to President George W. Bush, he passed a law that stated that Latin countries did not fit in this group of 'immediate export' aliens. So now the Republicans are passing a bill the the House of Representatives that even go against what George W. Bush signed when he was in office. The House then votes 216-192 to scale back Pres. Obama's 'Dreamers' program.  Does this have a chance to reach President Obama's desk..  Not a chance! EVER. Even if it did, the President would VETO it!

So if laws cannot get passed in Congress, it is a forgone conclusion that the Congress is very Dysfunctional, yet the country must go on, and in some cases, without them and with the help of Executive Orders by the President of the United States.

So what else did they vote on at the last minute. A bill for the VA? My goodness! They are working so hard on their first day of vacation. Actually, what they have done when they were supposed to be doing when they were not scheduled on vacation, absolutely nothing is what their own constituents will tell them when they actually go home for vacation. But when they get home, I expect those Republican Senators to receive a wake up call, one that they received after President Bush was re-elected, and that was to go out and help the middle-class in their issues, to welcome immigrants to this country, and ESPECIALLY do not condemn innocent women and children at our southern border trying to flee persecution from their own country.

What the Republicans have successfully done is energize the Democratic base, and I can now foresee a record turnout of Democratic voters in November, and a good chance that the House of Representatives will go Democratic. At that time, if the Democrats keep the U.S. Senate, President Obama most likely will have free rein on passing bills that he could not get passed with the 'do nothing' Republican House. He will no longer be considered a 'lame-duck' President.

Then who knows. If Hilary Clinton becomes President in 2016, and if the House and Senate stay controlled by the Democrats, many more things will get done, one of them being to tame the Republican caucus and get rid of the tea party, as the tea party has been absolutely poison to the Republican cause, under the internship of Ted Cruz, who at the moment has more influence as a new Senator than John Boehner ever had with all of his experience and years in office in Washington. If and only if the Congress is led by Democrats will you see the middle class re-gain the stature it deserves as citizen's of the United States.

Now check this out...  Here is an immigrant, Ted Cruz from Canada, who has voted against bills that would directly affect him if he were trying to enter this country now, instead of in his past. Most recently, he had to renounce his Canadian citizenship, as for whatever reason he had discovered that he may have dual-citizenship, and of course unless you are a citizen of another country, then you cannot run for office as President of the United States, and most everyone knows he plans to run for President, where he will further damage the cause of the Republican party and others to oppose him to become the Republican nominee for President in 2016.

Yes, dysfunction is the name of the game for the ALL Republicans in Congress who happen to be destroying their own cause as Republicans.


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