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U.S. Senator Greg Ball condones 'TORTURE'

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sometimes politicians are so far off base in their thinking, and sometimes they are even so gullible to criticize others. Unfortunately, this situation is so true, even in the present U.S. Senate. Take for instance, one such Senator named Greg Ball, Senator of New York State, who was interviewed recently on CNN. He and others like him believe that torture is what should be used against people like Dzhokhar, one of the bombers at the Boston Marathon. He actually believes that the best way to handle terrorism is to torture those who murder others in a like senseless act like what happened in Boston recently. He is definitely not afraid to say what he feels, regardless of what others like myself think of what he speaks of.
I do believe in the law, and I also believe that a punishment must be rendered to people who deserve such a fate. But this right that we claim that we have to institute punishments on people in my opinion does not include torture. Whenever I watched the video of the New York Senator, I was saddened to hear that such an educated man would share sick thoughts, and would act in similar fashion as did President George Bush and Vice-President Dick Chaney,as they outwardly stated that torture in some cases is the correct thing to do.
Instead of just acknowledging that the terrorist still claims his rights as a U.S. citizen and will be put through due process of the U.S. law, this Senator is already trying to institute a punishment that he deems is right. Even if everyone truly believes that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is guilty of the crimes at the Boston Marathon, as a citizen of this country, he is still considered innocent until proven guilty. Of course, that job will be very easy to accomplish, and when Dzhokhar is found guilty, he will face a just punishment, which will either most likely be life in prison without parole, or may face the death penalty.
Anyone could wish harm on anyone, but for a Senator to openly speak about instituting torture as a just punishment for ANY crime is not thinking like a responsible person, especially when the fate of the terrorist looks pretty grim at the moment.
Torture is never a way to punish citizens of this country, regardless of what they have done. Someone needs to tell Republican Senator Greg Ball of that fact, which incidentally is presently the law of this great country.


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