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Senators Cannot Agree on Gun Control Legislation

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Recently, within the last week at the same time the terrorist attack occurred at the Boston Marathon, a minority of Senators from both the Democratic and Republican parties voted against the firearms bills presented, but due to a condition called the Sequester', the bills failed to pass.
The Senators of each party that voted against the bills seem to be totally out of touch with the wishes of the American electorate. Because of this, many of the senators may loose their jobs during the elections of 2014. For now, they all believe that they are safe, but time will tell. It will be most interesting to see if enough of a change in the House occurs in the Democratic favor to allow the Democrats to regain the majority of Senators and gain total control. Up to this time since the mid-term elections of 2010, the Republicans have held this country hostage with their very radical approach to most all of the issues. Because of the Republican party, mainly of Senators in the House, a majority of legislation that should have been passed that the country as a whole supports never made it to a vote. This was also true in the latest round of voting last week when the Senators voted on gun control. Even after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, the Senators voted down even the most minor of legislation to control gun sales everywhere, and to keep people with mental issues from purchasing guns. Still, anyone now can go to a gun show or a flea market and still buy a gun, and in most cases, the sale is completed in less than 5 minutes, with no background check, not even a name check or to see if you reside in that particular state, which is the law. The Senators who voted against gun reform are now openly condoning and allowing criminals access to guns, the same types of guns used at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the theater in Colorado and others, where so many senseless deaths occurred just because there really is no type of gun control being practiced today. Yes, if you buy a gun at a gun store, the seller will run a background check on you, but what sense is it if others can purchase guns on the internet or black market or flea market/gun show without a background check. 
Criminals and people who should have no rights to buy guns still are able to purchase them anyway. What it will take is another massacre like Sandy Hook Elementary or somewhere mass killings take place because of the discharge of a gun. Senators that voted against the gun control bills should be liable for the deaths of Americans from this point on who get killed by guns or more specifically, assault weapons. More senseless murders have to take place, and still, with even that, the 'DO-NOTHING' Congress will continue to live up to their name. In every sense of the word, President Obama has tried to do everything in his power to convince Senators that more gun control is needed in this day and time. Most Americans agree with the President, but one of the most powerful lobbies in the world, the NRA (National Rifle Association) is overshadowing the minds of these useless senators that are just not able to do the right thing for the people that they represent, nor can they make correct decisions for their constituents on their own. They are more worried about their jobs, rather then representing their constituents, doing what they (their electors) want them to do in the first place.

As the President has openly mentioned, it is only a matter of time that more gun control is considered. For now the bill is tabled in the Senate and the President must move on with other things that demand his attention. The gun control bill is just another bill that the Senators failed to pass because of a ridiculous process that now exists called the 'Sequester'.


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