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The Presidential Campaign Status - Polls show general election polls Obama over Romney

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Presidential campaign is getting at it's very critical stages, with only a few months to go before the general election. With this said, President Obama is leading Mitt Romney beyond the margin of error in several polls, especially in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Mitt Romney always seems to have to play catch up. Unfortunately for him, I do not believe that he has the ability to catch up and I'll tell you why.
Romney calls the 'president out of touch'. But Mitt Romney so is tone deaf to think that he can flash his Swiss bank account amongst Ohio voters and beat President Obama. The President's margin in Ohio should continue to grow. Romney was the guy that said that the auto industry needed to go bankrupt. People would be out of work. But thanks to President Obama, a plant that makes the Chevy Cruise at the Lordstown Ohio plant is now flourishing with 3 shifts of workers. In a nearby city called Youngstown Ohio, there is a steel mill there that plans to reopen. Since their closings many years ago, Youngstown has become a ghost town of sorts. I know because that is my home town, and I know first hand what happened to the city, and to my own family when dad was laid off from work as a foreman at the US Steel plant.
So what happens if Mitt Romney does not win Ohio in the general election? If I can interject some history in elections here, no candidate has every won the Presidency, either Democrat or Republican without winning the state of Ohio. Ever!!!.   Let's add a little more history. No person has ever won the Presidency since 1960 if the candidate did not win at least two of the three states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. So the challenge for Mitt Romney is overwhelming. President Obama leads in all three of those states by a widening margin.
One way that Mitt Romney is trying to even the field, he along with the Republicans are attempting to find people in those important states and disqualify them from voting. Today, a judge in a court in Florida has voted in the Repulicans favor. The judge believes that the state has the right to ban specific voters from voting, even though those same voters have voted year after year. How do you tell a senior citizen in Florida, who obviously has had the right to vote for the last 40-50 years now, that he or she now doesn't have that right. The whole idea of limiting voters from voting is utterly senseless, but the court system sometimes makes bad decisions.
Tomorrow, the U.S. Supreme Court will vote on President Obama's Health care plan. The mandate to force people to sign up for insurance may be overturned, or the entire law may be overturned. If just the mandate is overturned and citizens now have the right to refuse coverage, that will technically doom the entire bill. Why? Because insurance companies will push to remove the entire law. They are in agreement with everyone having to accept coverage, but if people have a chose to choose whether they want it or not, not realizing that if they do not have insurance, that their own lives may be in jeapordy. If the insurance companies now regain the right to choose who they will insure, the people who didn't want the coverage may be the ones most volnerable later when they need the coverages.
The U.S. Supreme Court will be making one of the most important decisions that they can or have ever made. This happens tomorrow. This will also define exactly how and what you can expect from the U.S. supreme court in the future.
It is now less than 24 hours and then every citizen will know their fate as far as their health insurance to go forward from this point.

As far as I believe, I believe that the U.S. Supreme court will uphold the decision to keep the plan as it stands, and I'll say it with a vote of 6 to 3. It will be an enorumus undertaking for 5 of the Justices to vote down the health care plan. I am optimistic. Justice Scolia may be the only Justice to take a 'NAY' vote on the Health insurance plan.
President Obama will then be vindicated and he will now be able to fully concentrate on his reelection campaign.


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