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Rush Limbaugh - More Idiot comments about President Obama

Saturday, May 8, 2010

In a recent story featured on CNN, some people feel that President Obama did not act fast enough after the April 20 oil rig explosion and subsequent spill. So who are these people? They are critics who just so happen to criticize every thing he does, or doesn't do.

Starting with conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, he labeled the oil spill "Obama's Hurricane Katrina." Now please!!!! Here me out here. How can he even compare the oil spill that has killed no one to the likes of a natural disaster such as Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane that ravaged in New Orleans killed approximately 1,800 people. Yes, President Bush could not prevent this disaster from happening, but after the fact, he left the city on its own for days upon days. When help finally arrived, more people who were injured had lost their lives, and again, maybe the hurricane is not President Bush's fault, but the people who died unnecessarily because of the lack of treatment, and the lack of a quick response by the President makes it his fault.

Now back to the oil spill. Did President Obama cause the oil spill? No. Just because he has changed his policy and now supports drilling in the gulf, the conservatives now label the disaster his fault. Am I missing something here? Wasn't it the Republicans who fully supported drilling in the Gulf during the Presidential campaign issues, and at the time, then Senator Obama supported different ways of supplying energy to the country, like windmills and solar energy. How did they want President Obama to act when the spill occurred? What is there to act on? BP(British Petroleum) who has taken responsibility has vowed to clean up the mess and do what it takes to stop and control the leaks in the Gulf. They are living up to their promise. They have built a structure that is presently being lowered on the leak on the gulf floor, some 5000 feet down, and have a plan to be able to control the leak. They will pipe the oil from the structure up to boats on the surface of the gulf and will then process the oil for consumption. In the mean time, the oil that is leaking out now is being dispersed with agents to break up the oil before it even reaches the surface. Yes, the threat of oil reaching the coastline is still very present, but everything that can be done at this time to solve the problem is being done. What had happened originally was an accident. The explosion on the Gulf oil rig may have been someones fault, but you cannot directly accuse President Obama for it. BP still must be directly to blame as they did not have a backup plan already in place in case an accident of this kind happened.

Rush Limbaugh never ceases to make a fool out of himself when he makes comments like this. He did not make it on his own. He made it after the newspaper called 'the Washington Examiner' made the original statement. They also feel that President Obama takes too long to respond, also calling is actions "a time-line of presidential delay." Instead, maybe these critics may try and make a statement like 'a timeline of presidential no-action', referring to their own President Bush. Who are the critics and conservatives to judge, when in fact the Republican party who of course backed President Bush should also take the blame along side of him during his failed 8 years in the presidency. Now this may sound a little harsh, but the facts are the facts. 1800 people did not loose their lives on President Obama's watch, but they did on President Bush's. Terrorism has not struck this country in major fashion under President Obama's watch but did so so dramatically on Sept 11, 2001 when President Bush was president and the Republicans were in control. I could go on and on.

Still, the people of this country expect the government to handle every single crisis as it happens. When President Obama does take action to help save the economy and revamp health care, now all of a sudden some people (conservatives) think that the government is trying to take over. Did President Bush handle the economic disaster that was inching up to President Obama when he took office? No he did not. Instead, he slid the problem in President Obama's lap, along with the the Iraqi war and Afghanistan war. Is President Obama the blame for those wars? No. But who is to blame? Of course, none other than President Bush himself.

Did anyone forget about war crimes? This blog featured articles showing who was actually the blame. Do you think that President Obama will ever be associated or accused of perpetrating war crimes. The answer obviously is no, as only within his very first year in office, President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. You do not deserve or win such an award if you perpetrate war crimes. The policies that president Bush followed with war prisoners are a crime in themselves, but President Obama refuses to push the issue and has stopped all further investigation or prosecution in this matter. For that, Bush owes President Obama a very big thank you.

Unfortunately, this article may seem to be very one-sided, but when stupid remarks by a person such as Rush Limbaugh make the headlines, I feel that I have to also state the true facts. In the past in other remarks, Rush Limbaugh wished bad things towards President Bush, and with his freedom of speech, he did get away with it. Only in America can someone like Rush Limbaugh exist and not get punished for his actions.


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