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New Book "THE PROMISE" about President Obama

Thursday, May 13, 2010

If you express interest in President Obama, it may be interesting to you as it is for me, what it may be like to be the 44th President of the United States, and what actually makes the president tick. Also interesting to know is his decision-making process on issues, especially ones that have been so public in the near past such as health care, and the Afghanistan war. Presently there is a book out about the 44th President, even though he has only been in office for less than 2 years, called “The Promise” which states just that. So here is a President who is so very high profile with under 2 years of service in the White House, but already there seems to be so much knowledge on this very public, controversial figure of the 44th President of the United States.

So what is he truly about? The Author, Mr. Alter who incidentally wrote a book in 2006 called “The Defining Moment” about President Roosevelt, seems to channel his attention on the President's own perspective on his record as it happens and also while standing back as a journalist by assessing the President’s victories and mishaps and follows other challenges that he faces day to day.

In the book, you get to understand the President’s management style, which seems to be a very methodical approach to policy making. His thinks very logically along with making very well thought of decisions. This method seems to be directly opposite as to the way that the previous President, George Bush thinks as he served in office. In contrast, what Bush did was to make gut calls and mostly stressed distaste for process. The Iraqi War is an example of what happens when you make the wrong gut calls.

Also stated in the book is a reminder of how President Obama inherited the dire financial crisis, along with two wars from George Bush, that of in Iraq and Afghanistan. As of today, the cost of the war in Afghanistan now exceeds the cost in Iraq. Still, the President seems to always have an uphill battle working the conservatives, and never seems to get anyone from the “far right” or anyone from that side to support his ideas and policies at anytime. This has been a real problem for the President, but so far he has stood up the criticism of his opponents very well. He doesn’t sway easily and seems to be on a set path of action while representing his office as President.

With just about two years gone by in this presidency, Mr. Alter has more than enough information to put together his take on Mr. Obama’s cabinet members, and has specific comments on the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and especially Defense Secretary Robert Gates, as he seems to be one of the most influential persons in his cabinet. Last but not least, you can sense the rapport that the President and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner share and depicts the sense as to why they work so well together.


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