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Reflections of the Country with President Barack Obama in 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Less than a week to go, and you can only help but reflect on how this year is ending and why things happened the way they have for the President after just one year in office.
How many people are just plain tired of hearing about this health care thing? President Obama during his run for office stated that tackling the health care issue was one of his immediate goals as President, so it shouldn't be much of a surprise that he approached it the way that he did.  I must admit that it is important to most Americans, but enough is enough. Finally, a joint vote that would require just a simple majority vote in January, and the whole health care thing will be put to rest. Amen brother!!!!!
This upcoming vote most likely is one of the most scary votes that President Obama has to witness. His success and future as President kind of rides on this vote. But, it would basically take the members in his own party to defeat it, since the Democrats have more seated senators than the Republicans.
It has been a long hard fought race, very similar in nature to his Presidential run, but if the vote is in his favor, the President will gain another wind to continue to repeal the workings of the prior Republican governments before him. After the Health care vote, then would be the time for him to try and mend fences again to try and muster the American people again to his favor. Now only if people would only gain jobs, and the markets started to boom again. He would fulfill previously made promises to the U.S. people. The Republicans will continue to make claim that the stock markets were going to bounce back anyway, always negating any credit deserved of to the President. On the other hand, the Democrats will take full credit for the successes of President Obama.
To summarize my view on the Congress this year, I'm not so sure that I'd agree with the fact that the Democrats should take credit. Actually, I believe that both houses of Congress performed a terrible job for President Obama. One delay after another in both the House and the Senate for just about everything that went through the Senators chambers. At the end, things seem to turn out in President Obama's favor, but what is it going to take to get the Senators to act on what is right instead of just always voting towards party lines and their own party's own point of view.
Many people believe that this country is doomed, and they say so for all kinds of reasons. The Republicans sincerely believe that President Obama is bankrupting the country. They forget that when President Bush took office for his first term, this country was in the 'green' and was not in debt, thanks to President Bill Clinton, a Democrat. But what happened as soon as Bush became President. Yes, the outcome of 911 could have been predicted and even prevented if President Bush's Congress, FBI and Secret Service performed as they should. There is tons of proof that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the CIA knew of the terrorist threats to the United States, but President Bush was not advised as he should have been, and the inevitable happened, unfortunately for the lives of thousands of Americans in New York City, Virginia, and Pennsylvania on that fateful day of Sept. 11, 2001.
President Obama now happens to be the man chosen by this country to put the pieces back together, and he is doing it his way. He wasn't the person in-charge when this country was attacked, George Bush was. He wasn't the person in charge when Iraq was invaded, George Bush was. He wasn't the person in charge when thousands of Americans started loosing their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, George Bush was. He wasn't the person who did absolutely nothing to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, George Bush was. He wasn't the person in charge when the country experienced one of the worst economic collapses since the depression, George Bush was. So where was George Bush all this time? Besides fighting the terrorists in Iraq and almost forgetting about the Al-Queda home of Afghanistan, President Bush spend allot of his time in retreat at Camp David, and what do you guess he was doing so much of his time.. How about reading books!?$#!?#@$! That my friends, is a known fact!!!!
The last thing President Obama wanted to become was a war President. Unfortunately for him, he inherited that title from the previous president, thanks to the one and only George Bush. Now for a man like Bush to have acquired so much 'bad luck' if that's what you want to call it, you can only wonder how he can live with himself. But now, just like the health care issue, it's time to put George Bush to bed too. Regardless of who you voted for in 2008, Barack Obama is our President, and will be for at least another 3 years. After all that he's done already, he would be the first to tell you that he's just getting started. He must be doing things right.. How many war Presidents have secured the Nobel Peace Prize. Zero, zilch, nota... Not a single war President has. That's because no other President in recent history has tried to bring together so many nations with the common theme of peace amongst everyone. He truly has no boundaries when it comes to promoting peace. He speaks to leaders that the Republican presidents would never utter a word too. How else can you break the barrier between people of nations who kind of despise each other. So far, President Obama has displayed the correct decisions, whether people agree with him or not. Time will tell if his tenure as President was a good one.


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