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Day Three - The 2008 Democratic National Convention 8-27-2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Barack Obama can now claim unity by the Democrats after the great speech of President Clinton, who overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama in his speech on Day 3. The Clinton's have now openly done everything they could do to try and bring together the Democratic party. During the nomination process on the floor, Hillary Clinton herself stopped the floor roll call for collecting votes between herself and Barack Obama, and asked everyone at the convention to take an audible vote to accept Barack as the Democratic nominee which was done so unanimously. Following this nomination, Joe Biden was then formally accepted as the Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee.
After a speech by the 2004 Democratic Nominee John Kerry,the gloves came off with the speech of Joe Biden on the 3rd day of the Democratic Convention after his formal nomination as Vice President for Barack Obama. Introduced by his son, he attacked the John McCain policies as he claims that John plans to follow in the footsteps of President Bush. Joe claims that President Bush has failed this country, and now is not the time to continue the Republican process for the next four years. John McCain has previously claimed all along that Barack Obama has the lack of experience needed for becoming a President of the United States, but Joe Biden fired back in his speech that John McCain lacks judgment, but also showed his own foreign policy experience.
After Joe Biden's speech, Barack Obama surprisingly came out unannounced to congratulate Joe Biden.
On Thursday, day 4, Barack Obama will be the featured speaker and will take place at Invesco Field in front 80,000 people. Also mentioned, the rumor had it that John McCain has chosen his nominee for Vice-President. The actual announcement most likely come out on Friday at noon.
After the convention, Obama and his wife Michelle will go back out on the road and campaign, this time with the presence of Bill and Hillary Clinton along with Joe Biden. Their goal will be to take back supporters from some key states that McCain would normally win in the election and defeat McCain in the general election. In the United States, Election Day for federal offices occurs on the Tuesday following the first Monday of November. That makes November 4, 2008 the day that the United States will elect a new President.
Several people have asked me for my opinion as to whom I feel should be elected President of the United States. Interestingly enough, my wife Gigi and I disagree on our choice. She claims that John McCain is her choice, and I say that Barack Obama is my choice.
As a footnote to all of this, not even related to the election, my wife and I will be celebrating our marriage in the Catholic Church the following Saturday November 8, 2008. So for us, allot is happening in November. At the end of the month of course will be Thanksgiving and the start of the Christmas season.


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