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Voting the 67th Time to Repeal Obama-Care

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

  The House of Representatives put up another vote to repeal Obama-care. The vote was 239-186. This was the "67th time the House has voted to entirely repeal, defund or change some provisions of President Barack Obama's signature health care law", according to a Senior Congressional Producer report on CNN dated February 3, 2015. The Republicans obviously do not like the law, but also are not on board with Obama's 10 changes that were made to the law since it has been signed by Obama.
Just like a bill that will go to President Obama for his signature for the Canadian oil pipeline that he is sure to veto, Obama will again take out his veto pen to denounce the repeal of Obama-care if the Senate also goes along with the vote. After all, the President will not let his signature bill of his term as President fail, nor will he allow the millions of people loose their insurance if the bill goes down. It would be one thing if the Republicans had a plan.

  Are they interested in what the insurance community wants? Obviously not. Since the passing of Obama-care, the insurance companies have had record sales, and a record number of people that did not have insurance before now have insurance, including people with pre-existing conditions. If it were up to the Republicans, pre-existing conditions would not be allowed by insurance companies. The Republicans are willing to isolate the people from the healthcare system that need it the most.
So let's take a 'what if' question to the forefront now. What if the Republicans get the Senate to pass the complete repeal of ObamaCare and the Congress over-rides the President's veto? Do they have a plan that would work for the American people? Could they just go back to the old way of doing business, that took over 70 years to change, but President Obama did it in his first term? Not for a moment.

  By voting for the repeal of ObamaCare, the Republicans have signed their own death warrants regarding re-election in 2016. No doubt that Hilary Clinton will win the Presidency now as she is more popular than any stated Presidential candidate on both sides of the Republican and Democratic parties, but she will put together a strategy to defeat the Republicans based on their own record to harm the American people by playing with their health care. All she has to do now is to declare her candidacy, and I am fully ready to continue the journey of the next Democratic President, Hilary Clinton with a newly born website located at It is still in its infancy stages, and the first article has been written an published. I invite all readers of this blog to go to the next website that I will sponsor featuring Democratic politics and the new White House with our new Democratic President, Hilary Clinton.
Some people may claim that President Obama did the same thing when his Democratic Congress passed his health care reform bill. Yes, it was a rocky road, but the country did escape, even in the midst of the worst economic time since the great depression, thanks to the Republicans, lead by our former president, George W. Bush. But what President Obama put together was a plan to help ALL Americans, including the un-insured, under-insured and people with pre-existing conditions. Obviously he has been for the middle-class throughout his Presidency, and the Republicans always seem to be for just the richest 2% of the American people. Greedy Bastards!!! That's what they are, and I have no reservations with saying it.

  Yes, it is true that the Republicans have gained full control of Congress. It usually is easy for them to gain strength in both chambers during an off Presidential election year, as it always seems difficult for the Democrats to show up in the mid-terms. But for the general election, especially the one coming up in 2016, the Republicans most surely will loose the Senate, and possibility the House if they continue on their rampage of the middle class and poor. I already feel certain that they will at least gain back the Senate after electing a Democratic president.


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