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Health Insurance Exchanges - What are they about? !!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The following information was reported on Learn what health exchanges are all about. With the neverending rumormill found on conservative talk show stations, is it true that a vast majority of people need to change their insurance from what they have now? How many people actually do not have health insurnace and do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid? Can you ever be denied health insurance with the new law changes? These are just some of the questions that are answered here in this article. 

With the endless Republican obstructionism and attempted roadblocks regarding the Affordable Care Act, many individuals in this country are in the dark about what the new Health Insurance Exchanges are exactly. What everyone first needs to know is that the vast majority of all Americans will have no change to their coverage at all because the vast majority of Americans, 154 million to be exact, already have health coverage through their employer. Regardless of what many on the right have claimed, the vast majority of companies have shown no desire to dump their employee's health coverage and these individuals will see little to no change in their health coverage.

The Health Insurance Exchanges are for the seven percent of citizens in this country that do not have health insurance and don't qualify for Medicare or Medicaid. The exchanges are run by the states, so your experience can vary wildly depending on what state you live in. Residents of states that have been actively setting up their exchanges will be at a far greater advantage than those residents of states whose state governments have been working feverishly to derail the law in any way they can. That does not mean that those of you in the latter of those two are entitled to any fewer benefits of the law, but you will have to be more proactive in your search for health care within the exchanges.

What everyone needs to know is that you will not be denied care for any reason from now on. Gone are the days of insurance companies being able to dictate who does and doesn't qualify for coverage. Insurance companies will also be limited in how much they can charge the disabled and sick. Because of this, the success of these marketplaces will be dependent on young and able bodied individuals signing up for coverage in the Health Insurance Exchanges.

There is still a lot of confusion out there about what individuals may qualify for, so here are a few links that will give you much more information.

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