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Who truly is Mitt Romney's Enemy at the moment, besides himself?

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hurricane Issac
Paul Ryan
Todd Akin

Joe Biden

Barack Obama

As everyone who listens to the news by now already knows that the Republican race for their candidate to run against President Barack Obama is Mitt Romney. But there has been many bumps in the road for the unlikely candidate to be successful against the incumbent Barack Obama. One of the bumps happens to be a tropical storm named Issac, that has been barreling into the Gulf of Mexico. The Republican Party officials have canceled the opening day of their national convention in Tampa, Florida. Planned for the first day is roll call at the convention, and then it will immediately halt for the day in preparation for bad weather expected from tropic storm Issac, soon to become a full fledged hurricane. It does appear that tropical storm Issac is most certain to turn into a hurricane and now is taking a path just west of the mainland of Florida. The nomination of Mitt Romney for the Republican candidate will formally take place on Tuesday.

Presently, the star of the day is Mr. Hurricane Issac, then following close behind is a Missouri Congressman by the name of Todd Akin, who stirred up a hornet's nest with his remarks about "Legitimate rape" and how a woman's body can thwart a real rape from ending in a pregnancy. He echos Paul Ryan's beliefs.  Have any ideas where this Congressman is at the moment. Where else but Tampa, as he is not scheduled to speak at the convention but he is revving up support from evangelicals and social conservatives in the same town..  Everywhere Mitt Romney turns, he faces a challenge. The Convention, that is supposed to go on through Thursday is not have a great start. Meanwhile, still another challenge to arrive in Tampa is the one and only Vice President of the United States. No, he's not scheduled to speak at the Republican convention, but he does plan to be in town at the same time to talk about the re-election of President Barack Obama.
So the heat is on. Before you know it, the Republican National Convention will be a thing of the past. Will Mitt Romney ever get a chance to really define himself at the convention? Just recently, he and his newly selected candidate to run with him as his vice-president,Paul Ryan, and they will both face off against President Obama in November.
It was anticipated by social concervatives and members of the tea party that the new candidate for vice-president would stir up support for the party, but there always seems to be other things taking up the headlines.
In a bold move by both the nominee Mitt Romney and his vice-presidential pick, both have claimed that they will not release more tax returns.
In a strange twist, the Vice-presidential candidate has come out with a conviction that he and Mitt Romney are now for Medicare, when in actuality both of them are for tearing it apart. Both claim that President Obama is stealing funs from Medicare in the tune of millions of dollars, but this fallacy is just one of many that the candidates are posing to the American people. With a cover-up to soon show at their speeches at the Repbulican National Convention along with other lies to be surfaced at the Democratic convention shortly after the Republicans end theirs, The Democratic Convention will commence and the real truths to Barack's presidency to date and the road blocks presented by the Republicans in a despirate attempt to stop the president to get re-elected will be evident.


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