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President Obama supports the Mosque, Against Popular Opinion

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What turned out to be a 'no brainer' for the President somehow has backfired on him. His recent statements to support building a mosque in the shadow of ground zero has given his opponents and the conservative party ammunition to use and continue their campaign for political benefit in November. President Obama has stated publicly that he supports the Muslims right to build their mosque next to 'Ground Zero', but the opponents as does most people across the nation believe that no religious group should build near ground zero. Many people believe that the only thing that should be placed at ground zero would be a memorial to the people who died in the Twin Towers when they fell due to terrorist attacks and should not have to be neared to any religious house of worship, especially Muslim.
But President Obama goes by the law, which states that ALL AMERICANS regardless of race have rights in this country and are free to practice them, including the right to religious freedom. Working as an attorney in the past, it would be easy to understand his reasoning, but his comments on the Muslim Mosque right next to 'ground zero'  could not be of worse timing. Most of the Democratic leaders believe that he didn't need to make such a statement, in light that even many of the Democrats support the idea that a mosque at that location would be the wrong thing to do.
President Obama appears to let nothing influence him on his ideology and beliefs, and stands by what he believes is right, regardless of what other people think in some cases, and this is one of those cases.
As from the start, I support President Obama in his quest to make this country better, and the Federal governments abilities to help citizens of this country. As an individual voter and one who takes his rights seriously, I must also state that I also have my own opinions regarding the issues. I may not totally agree with the President's reasoning here, but the one thing that you cannot call President Obama is a 'do nothing' President. His administration has been helping the country, even on the hills of November's elections and a possibility of loosing key Democratic representation in both the House and the Senate.
A recent CNN report includes a statement by the vice chairman of the Core Strategy Group David Morey, claim that "the danger here is an incoherent presidency."  To me, it is amazing that anyone could make such a statement. Take a look at what President Bush handed him when Obama became President. For starters, how about two wars, a failing economy, a country on the brink of a depression, and a health care system that people cannot afford, not to mention that people were loosing work by the thousands each and every day. President Obama had a plan of attack right from the start, and he truly has never rested doing his job, except for a brief vacation here and there.
The Republicans or Conservatives have almost never supported his ideals or the bills that he has passed. But what did these 'do nothing' conservatives do for the country when they were in power? Of course the answer could be 'almost nothing' as the conservative belief is for the people to do things for themselves, with little or no governmental interaction. Has anyone thought that the reason why the economy fell almost to 'hell' is because the past President did nothing to stop it. But what President Bush did was to set up his Democratic successor by initiating the stimulus money for the financial institutions which led to future stimulus money and eventually a health care reform bill that no other President in 100 years has had the ability to pass. Does this sound like the marks of an incoherent President? I think not !
At least he doesn't just read books while at Camp David, like President Bush has done. Now that may be a mark of an incoherent President. President Bush led this country for 8 years, and how did the country benefit from his service as President? How about a few wars, 911, and the results of an ineffective President Bush during Hurricane Katrina.


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